City of Pickering Supports Development of an Airport

City of Pickering Supports Development of an Airport
City of Pickering Supports Development of an Airport
Many different recommendation were approved by council regarding the bid, but one specific item had people speak up on the long-debated airport issue.

At the Oct. 10 meeting, council approved the City of Pickering’s plans to bid as a candidate to host Amazon’s second North American headquarters (HQ2). Landing Amazon would attract 50,000 jobs to the area, and construction costs are expected to exceed $5 billion U.S.”Our advocating for an airport sends a strong message that Pickering is open for business, and that our time is now,” said Mayor Dave Ryan.  “We look forward to the release of the Aviation Sector Analysis – Pickering Airport Study.  We expect the study to support the establishment of an airport, and we urge the Federal Government to expedite the process so that we may sooner bring these multinational corporations to our Innovation Corridor and create thousands of new jobs for Durham residents.”

Durham Regional Chairman Roger Anderson confirmed his support for both the Amazon bid, and for an airport.The report identified a Pickering airport as having the potential to become a significant economic catalyst for attracting major commercial investment to the City, spurring additional infrastructure investments, and creating thousands of new jobs, which would provide the residents of Pickering and Durham Region with an opportunity to earn good income while working close to home.City Council was presented with a staff report on investment attraction and job creation, which outlined the need to develop the requisite infrastructure to attract multinational companies, like Amazon, to Pickering’s Innovation Corridor. One of the report’s key recommendations focused on a Pickering airport.

The study is currently underway by KPMG, which the government is waiting to review before making a decision.

For the past year and half, the City has been receiving significant expressions of interest from several multinational companies looking to relocate and/or expand their business operations to Pickering’s Innovation Corridor due to its proximity to the Federal Pickering Lands site.  These international conglomerates are waiting for the Federal Government’s decision on the airport lands before they can make a firm commitment to Pickering.

Ward 3 Regional Councillor David Pickles said he supports attracting industry to Pickering, but he felt the motion indicates that the city supports development of an airport in Pickering, and for that reason, did not support the recommendation.

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