Richmond police say theyve found no evidence of vote buying so far

Richmond police say they\ve found no evidence of vote buying so far
Richmond RCMP finds no crime in cases of possible voter manipulation
Mounties in Richmond say they've found no evidence so far to substantiate allegations of possible voter manipulation over the social media app WeChat.

The allegations concerned messages from the Canada Wenzhou Friendship Society that appeared to offer money for votes in three Metro Vancouver cities.

"To date, the Richmond RCMP has only received third party allegations of wrongdoing in the election process," RCMP Cpl. Dennis Hwang said in a press release.

"No individuals have come forward to the Richmond RCMP citing that they have been victimized in any matters related to the voting process. We are continuing to encourage anyone who believes that they may have been a victim to come forward and speak to us."

Police say those responsible for the messages have cooperated with the investigation, and that the probe is still underway.

Vancouver and Burnaby are also conducting investigations into the messages from the Canada Wenzhou Friendship Society.

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RICHMOND (NEWS 1130) – Mounties in Richmond say they’ve found “no evidence of criminality” in a suspected case of voter manipulation ahead of Saturday’s civic election.

Last week, they received reports of vote-buying associated with the social media app “WeChat.”

“Thus far in our investigation, we have uncovered no evidence to substantiate a criminal or British Columbia Local Government Act charge,” said Cpl. Dennis Hwang with Richmond RCMP.

No one has actually come forward to say they’ve been victimized. Mounties say the allegations of wrongdoing came from third parties.

“Because it’s a very, very volatile subject with elections being tomorrow, we’d rather not go into very specific responses. All we can say is those involved have been cleared, at this point,” he said.

“We have up to one year to [recommend] particular charges, in regards to the British Columbia Local Government Act. So, if something does come up, we reserve the right to return back to this process,” said Hwang.

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