Driver sideswipes police car in Saskatoon pursuit

Driver sideswipes police car in Saskatoon pursuit
Stop sticks used on stolen vehicle by Saskatoon police during chase
Saskatoon police said the driver of a reported stolen vehicle drove at a high rate of speed into oncoming traffic in an effort to escape capture.

A man is accused of damaging three Saskatoon police vehicles in an attempt to elude officers in a reported stolen vehicle.

Officers said they were on patrol late Thursday evening near Idylwyld Drive North and 33rd Street when they spotted a vehicle reported stolen.

Members of the air support unit monitoring the vehicle said the driver continued  at a high rate of speed and into oncoming traffic.

Police said a number of patrol units were deployed on the east side of the city to use stop sticks to deflate the tires on the vehicle as the actions of the driver were posing a high risk to public safety.

The stop sticks blew out three tires, police said, but the driver continued on in a dangerous manner.

Police said when officers moved in to box the vehicle, the driver sideswiped a patrol vehicle before the chase came to an end.

A 29-year-old man was arrested and is facing a number of charges including dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, and assault of a police officer with a weapon.

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A 29-year-old man faces numerous charges after allegedly racing away from Saskatoon police Thursday night.

Police spotted a stolen vehicle on Idylwyld Drive and 33rd Street just before 11 p.m. CST. Officers tried to stop the vehicle, but it raced off.

The officers called off the pursuit, and tracked the driver with the Air Support Unit. The driver was weaving into oncoming traffic at high speeds.

Police set up several roadblocks with stop sticks around the city, and managed to flatten three of his tires.

However, the driver kept going, and police needed to box the vehicle in to stop it. While that was happening, the driver sideswiped one of the police cars.

The man is facing charges of possession of stolen property, assaulting a police officer with a weapon, dangerous driving, failing to stop for police and breaching conditions.

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