Sault Ste. Marie Municipal Election 2018. The Results

In the Township of Jocelyn, Mark Henderson was acclaimed as Reeve, and Janet Callahan, Albert Crowder, Brian Dukes and Greg Gilbertson were elected as councillors.

Jody Wildman was acclaimed as mayor for the Township of St. Joseph with Steven Adams, Lorraine Aelick, Cheryl Ambeault and Barry Elliott elected as council members.

“It’s incredibly humbling,” said newly-elected Ward 2 councillor Luke Dufour, who was watching the live elections results with a group of family, friends and supporters at Outspoken Brewing during election night. “People’s votes are important things, and for them to put that kind of trust in me, it really means a lot and it’s not something that I take lightly.”

In the Township of MacDonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional, Lynn Watson will sit as mayor with Shelly Bailey, John Bucknell, Adam Chevis and Lynn Orchard as councillors.

“I said it a few times during the campaign, the younger generation are starting the businesses, starting the families, and the ones who have the most to invest in the future of Sault Ste. Marie, and it’s really time that they have a seat at the table to represent that change,” Dufour said. 

For the Village of Hilton Beach, Mayor Robert Hope was acclaimed. The four council members are John Davidson, John Wells, Julie Moore and Shirley Bailey Meeks.

“I remember in 2014 I was 300 votes behind [Lou] Turco, and it kind of spurred me to get more involved in the community, more involved in politics,” he told SooToday. “It’s just really satisfying to have such a good showing tonight.”

As the 2018 municipal election comes to a close, here’s a look at the results from some of the areas surrounding Sault Ste. Marie.

Provenzano runs rings round Rory. Can they get along now?

The Bruce Mines council will consist of mayor Lory Patteri, who was acclaimed, along with councillors Jody Orto, Mariola Morin, Richard O’Hara, and Jerry Bogart. 

“I still believe in that truthfully, that three terms is certainly more than enough for someone to serve in municipal politics,” he said. “Maybe it was just an omen.”

In Desbarats, Blaine Mersereau will serve as mayor while Jim Carter, Gavin Grant, Jason Kern, and Reginald McKinnon will form the rest of council.

"Campaigns are campaigns. You want to run against a campaign that is honest and factual and you have a good public debate. But you don't get to choose the campaign that you're running against. So you've just got to do your best and you've just got to try to hold yourself to your standard  and present yourself in a way that you think is fair and reasonable and we did that."

Video: Reaction from Mayor Christian Provenzano

The council will consist of Luc Cyr, Sandy Finamore, Norman Mann, Chris Patrie, Ed Pearce, and Tom Turner.

"I just want to promise the community that, as hard as I worked the last four years, I'll double up that effort and try and work as hard over the next four years," Provenzano said. "We're going to do some great things and we're going to make sure our community goes in the right direction."

Video: Reaction from Rory Ring

In the Village of Hilton Beach, Robert Hope was acclaimed as mayor. We are waiting for results on councillor elections

"I'm a businessperson in the community and a fee-paying member of the Chamber of Commerce. I absolutely have no concern about my ability to interact with the Chamber of Commerce. I will happily work with Carlo and support the Chamber whenever they need my support," Provenzano said.

The Huron Shores council will consist of Blair MacKonnon and Darlene Walsh, who were acclaimed in Ward 1, Nancy Jones-Scissons and Debbie Kirby, who were acclaimed in Ward 2, Jane Armstrong and Dale Wedgewood, who were acclaimed in Ward 3, and Gordon Campbell and Jock Pirrie, who were acclaimed in Ward 4.

Both Provenzano and Ring appeared conciliatory tonight, after a campaign in which Ring's war room relentlessly attacked both the mayor and journalists who challenged his often-contested facts or didn't promptly publish Ring's every public pronouncement.

In the Township of Plummer Additional, Beth West was acclaimed as mayor while Mike Jones, Boris Koehler, Carl MacKenzie, and Tasha Strum were elected to council.

In Wawa, Ron Rody was acclaimed as mayor while Pat Tait, Bill Chaisson, Robert Allan Reece and Mitch Hatfield were voted to council.

With more than half of polls reporting, incumbent Christian Provenzano appears set to cruise past challenger Rory Ring for a second term as this city's mayor.

In continuing to be an advocate for more jobs and lower taxes locally, Ring said “we need greater focus on how to make it easier to start a business in Sault Ste. Marie, easier to stay in business and easier to grow a business. Those elements have been advocated by the Chamber of Commerce not just since my arrival but before that.”

Unofficial results show Paul Christian and Sandra Hollingsworth returning to council in Ward 1 and Luke Dufour and Lisa Vezeau-Allen taking the two Ward 2 council spots, unseating incumbent Lou Turco.

In Ward 3, Matthew Shoemaker returns, while Donna Hilsinger edged out John Bruno by 27 votes according to unofficial results. Judy Hupponen will not return to council.

“We need to address permits and bylaws, to make it easier to create private sector growth in your own backyard, but obviously we’ve seen our business community and population shrinking. Those are issues we need to address.”

SooToday cameras were at the Civic Centre to bring you live reaction from the mayoral candidates, and our journalists are busy writing to bring you the full story now that the dust has settled.