Donald Trump Only Cares About His Familys Money and Not National Security or Presumed Killed Saudi Journalist …

Donald Trump Only Cares About His Family\s Money and Not National Security or Presumed Killed Saudi Journalist ...
Joe Scarborough on US Reaction to Missing Journalist: Sad and Pathetic Trump is All About Money
Saudi Arabia has been benefiting greatly from President Donald Trumps reign in the White House, receiving a massive amount of arms to be used in the brutal war it has waged in Yemen, killing thousands and triggering a massive humanitarian crisis.

With the disappearance of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi — reportedly murdered by the Saudi government in Turkey — the U.S.-Saudi relationship is once again in the spotlight, raising questions about the arms deal. But President Donal Trumps professional relationship with the monarchy is also raising some troubling questions as well, as MSNBCs Rachel Maddow argued Thursday night.

A Pulitzer-winning Washington Post reporter who’s covered Donald Trump’s relationship with Saudi Arabia for months explained his findings to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in the wake of the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, another Post columnist believed to have been murdered by the Saudis.

Pulitzer-winning reporter explains how Saudis are keeping Trumps failing hotels open

Following up on the Washington Post report detailing Trump many business ties to Saudi — many of which remain obscure — Maddow noted that the conflict of interests these relationships create is deeply troubling and unprecedented.

It remains unclear, Fahrenthold said, just how deep the president’s financial entanglements with the Saudis go because the Trump Organization has not released any data about their dealings with the royal family or other foreign governments.

“Donald Trump has a business history — and business present — with Saudi Arabia,” Maddow said. “And thats the kind of thing that weve never had to factor in before when considering why a president was acting a specific way toward a specific country. Other presidents didnt keep live business interests while in the Oval Office — particularly, live business interests open to foreign governments.”

“Just one visit by some Saudis traveling with the crown prince [Mohammed bin Salman] earlier this year provided enough revenue, one visit, to boost the hotel’s revenue for that entire quarter,” the reporter added.

She added: “And so, now we dont really know what the motivation is for the presidents actions toward a place like Saudi, which is also paying him.”

Weve never had to factor in the presidents business interests when considering why a president was acting a specific way toward a specific country. But now we do.

Morning Joe went all in on the sad and strange circumstances surrounding the apparent political assassination of Saudi Arabian dissident and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. The vocal critic of the Saudi royal family was reportedly killed and dismembered at a Turkish embassy after he had ostensibly posed a political threat to the current power structure in Saudi Arabia.

President Donald Trump has thus far kept his powder dry in terms of a diplomatic response to the alleged murder of the United States resident. When recently asked about an agreed upon $110 million arms deal between the United States and Saudi Arabia, Trump said he saw no reason to kill that deal as a consequence for Khashoggi’s murder.

“The line that stays with me is, ‘He wasn’t an American citizen, was he?” she said. “Racist, isolationist, cruel, inhumane, un-American, all in one dog whistle. It’s incredible where we’ve come here with this president.”

In host Joe Scarborough’s esteem, there is one primary reason for Trump’s demurring on any diplomatic action: “it’s all about the money.”

Hitting a note that he’s hit before, Scarborough firmly believes that the primary reason that Trump is in the White House is to fill his personal coffers. He points to rogue nations with whom the United States has ignored diplomatic transgressions and notes they all are countries with whom the Trump Org has business dealings