Region budget sent back for last-ditch cuts

Region budget sent back for last-ditch cuts
Region budget sent back for last-ditch cuts
Although Niagara Region staff recommended a 2.99 per cent hike on the regional portion of property tax bills for next year amounting to a $43 increase on an average home worth $248,200, it was too much for committee members who had instructed staff to hold any increases to no more than two per cent.

“We recognize the need for a transit system that’s facilitated not only in the specific town areas, but also between towns because, quite frankly, there’s many people although they live in St. Catharines, may work in Niagara Falls, or vice versa, or any other location in Niagara,” he said.

St. Catharines Coun. Bruce Timms said the recommended budget includes too much funding for Niagara Regional Police to cover its 4.5 per cent budget increase, as well as a $600,000 grant for Niagara College, which is provincially funded.

While commending staff on the budget calling it a “wonderful work,” Grenier said developing the budget “has become too much of an administrative process and not enough of a legislative one.”Contact us to Advertise »Caslin said the MOU “lays out a framework” for how the municipalities will work together to develop a consolidated system “that works for everybody,” and how best to implement that system.

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