Meet the public school board trustee candidates: St. Catharines/ Niagara-on-the-Lake

The Review asked all the Niagara Catholic District School Board candidates the same questions. A missing answer means the candidate declined to answer.

Community work: numerous charity groups, City of Niagara Falls boards, member of international charity groups

Why are you running?: I believe our community needs to have the best education for a competitive world. My focus will be anti-bullying, establishing a customer service policy to provide more courteous and simplified accessibility, will donate one year of trustee wages to bring in air conditioning into the schools and establishing a teacher committee to voice concerns to the board.

Why should voters choose you?: Im determined, trusted and involved. I am very interested in the opinions of all stakeholders including the parents, teachers and students.

Community work: I was the first president of the Serra Club, which promotes the priesthood and religious life, and am now an active member.

Why are you running?: I am running for re-election to ensure our students come first; to continue to promote Catholic values; and continue to be a voice on the board for our employees and stakeholders.

Why should voters choose you?: Because I have the educational knowledge and experience to effectively continue to carry out the trustee mandate on the Catholic board.

Community work: worked with Saint Paul Catholic School construction class creating life-size gingerbread house to support Project Share; working with high school culinary program supporting our local community needs; coached four years youth travel soccer and four years of house league hockey; helped organize runners in the Niagara Falls Marathon for past 10 years.

Why are you running?: My children are in the Catholic school system. My wife is a teacher. Experience in managing budgets, costs and spending. All children need to have the best choices in education.

Why should voters choose you?: I will fight for the students to come first, always keeping in mind their needs. I will fully back all resources and supports needed to ensure that all frontline staff are able to effectively teach our children. I will promote open and honest dialogue between trustees, parents, teaching staff and community. Your voice will be heard.

Contact info: Facebook @ eddie galati; Instagram @eddie galati; [email protected]; 289-668-3091

Occupation: I am a retired Niagara Regional Police officer. I am currently sergeant-at-arms for Niagara Falls city council, Niagara Region and the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Community work: Many years coaching youth hockey, Christmas and Easter basket drives, active member at St. Patricks parish.

Top issue: I want to secure our childrens future and to restore faith an accountability in the Niagara Catholic District School Board. I will focus on fiscal responsibility and bringing back important resources to the students.

Why are you running?: I grew up in the Catholic system. I plan to focus on holding senior administration fiscally responsible and to ensure the budget is focused on student-driven programs, such as mental health and special education.

Why should voters choose you?: My experiences will help me restore the accountability of the NCDSB to put students first when voting on a budget. For me, this is not a job opportunity. I am motivated by the desire to help children and empower educators.

Contact info: 905-658-2810; [email protected];;

Occupation: Permanent deacon at Our Lady of the Scapular Church, logistics manager/ mill supervisor at Kimberly-Clark (retired)

Community work: Knights of Columbus (41 yrs), spiritual director for the Holy Name Society and Catholic Womens League, Canadian national chaplain for the Order Sons of Italy

Top issue: We all say \”students first,\” but we all know thats not happening. There have been too many cuts to student services while money is being foolishly spent on unneeded undertakings. I will change that.

Why are you running?: To stop the foolishness that is taking place within the board as a whole. We must take an honest look at budgets, accountability, transparency, stop this culture of fear and cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect for fair and open discussion, so everyone has a voice at the table and that voice is acted upon.

Why should voters choose you?: We all say its time for change, and do nothing about it. I will do something about it by beinga proactive and engaged trustee and I will challenge and encourage the other trustees to do the same.

The Review asked all District School Board of Niagara candidates the same questions. A missing answer means the candidate declined to answer. Two candidates — Brian Thomson and Eddie Alhendy — did not respond.

Family: Husband Wayne Campbell, daughters Leigh Campbell, Katey (d), grandchildren Livia age 9, Aidan age 12

Community work: fundraising for Pathstone and the Niagara Falls YWCA; director on the Heart Niagara board; involvement with local school activities.

Top issue: Meeting the many challenging needs of our students by providing mental health supports, and ensuring equity of opportunity for those less advantaged.

Why are you running?: I have found that I can influence the allocation of financial resources to best meet the needs of our students and teachers.

Why should voters choose you?: My main focus is ensuring that our resources are directed to best meet the academic, emotional, and social needs of all of our students.

Community work: I work with Project SHARE, and served as the program director for the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. I sit on the GLSEA Scholarship Selection Committee, and peer mentor on entrepreneurship and brand management.

Top issue: Ensuring parents voices are heard and represented. Open, accessible communication is critical to ensuring your voice is respected in the decision-making process.

Why are you running?: Because todays children are tomorrows leaders. Excellence in education supports our children, our community, and our future.

Why should voters choose you?: With over a decade of communications, strategic planning and public engagement experience, I will ensure our childrens best interests are central to an education strategy that supports resilient, happy, healthy children. I will use my experience to build consensus when bringing issues forward in order to affect decisions in the interest of positive, informed progress.

Contact info: 289-241-5190; [email protected]; website:; Facebook @CaputoforTrustee

Why should voters choose you?: My three main platform issues — 1. Financial accountability for maximum student benefits; 2. Accommodations issues need be thoroughly reviewed for community preservation; 3. Ensure safe environment for community.

Top issue: Increasing levels of student achievement in particular math scores. Continue to update and enhance education facilities for students in Niagara Falls.

Why are you running?: I still have a passion and desire to continue to improve the delivery of public education in the Niagara region.

Why should voters choose you?: I have extensive experience in the governance of school board issues, as well as many years in a leadership role on the board.

Community work: Public health volunteer, womens health advocate, and parent volunteer at my sons school.

Top issue: We need a school board that is accountable to parents and frontline staff. They need a trustee who puts their interests first, and focuses on ensuring tax dollars are spent on services for our students.

Why are you running?: I believe your children, just like my son Owen, can be better served by our public school board. Our children and frontline staff need more supports. I believe we can work with parents, gather input and provide supports to secure the best possible learning environment for our children so parents are proud of what their tax dollars are providing. A compassionate curriculum, support for special needs students adequate learning facilities — there are actions we can take to create better learning spaces.

Why should voters choose you?: For too long parents have felt their input has not been asked for and had trouble learning what their trustees are doing on their behalf. I hope voters will choose me because I am focused on changing the culture and business of the DSBN to better suit parents and provide more for our children.