Large-Scale Party in East End St. Johns Prompts Police Warning

\Large-Scale Party\ in East End St. John\s Prompts Police Warning
Large-scale party dubbed Project X prompts police warning
The party has been dubbed Project X on social media, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said in a release, and is apparently happening in the east end of St. John's on Nov. 23.

"So far, investigators have learned that the party plans include hosting persons from the age of 14 to mid-twenties and will involve alcohol, cannabis, illicit drugs and other dangerous and criminal activities," the RNC said in its release.

Police are urging parents to talk to their teens and be aware of what they're doing on social media.

"Project X" is the title of a 2012 comedy film about an out-of-control high school party. A number of copycat parties have been reportedly inspired by the film, including a Calgary teen's "Project Kris" that blew up the internet in 2012. 

Holy Heart of Mary High School in St. John's sent a letter to parents Thursday disclosing apparent details about the party.

"Project X is reported to be taking place Friday night at a rented facility," the school wrote. "However, by virtue of us providing this update to our school community, please know that the venue, location, and potentially the date, could change."

The school said it appears the party has been planned by young adults in the community who are of drinking age and not students in the school district.

A live DJ is supposed to be leading the party, the school added, but social media rumours hinted at darker elements to Project X, including "invitations to bring weapons, the potential for sexual or physical abuse and an anti-police/authority bend to online chatter."

The school also said students aged 12 to 18 were being targeted and given talking points if they get stopped by police. 

Gonzaga High School also contacted parents through an automated phone call, asking them to check the school's website for information about the party.

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Police are keeping their eye on what they call a ‘large-scale party’ being planned in the capital city’s east end for Friday night.

RNC say they’ve learned plans for a party being referred to as ‘Project X’ on social media, and are sounding the alarm for parents.

Project X, as some on social media have referred to it, is a party where information suggests drugs, alcohol, fights, weapons, and assaults are planned. Our investigators, both overt and covert, will be monitoring chatter and activity around this event to ensure public safety.

Investigators say the party plans to host people between the ages of 14 and mid-20s, and involves alcohol, drugs, and what police refer to as “other dangerous and criminal activities.”

The RNC issued a reminder that selling or providing alcohol or cannabis to anyone under 19 years old is illegal, and that there is zero-tolerance for alcohol or cannabis for drivers under 22. Parents are also being encouraged to talk with their kids about their social activities and staying safe.