Pedestrian seriously injured in Surrey traffic crash – Surrey Now-Leader

Pedestrian seriously injured in Surrey traffic crash - Surrey Now-Leader
Serial rapist who terrorized Surrey in late 90s released back into community where he committed crimes
RCMP in Surrey are investigating after a body was discovered in the aftermath of a shed fire on a vacant property at 97A Avenue and 137A Street early Friday morning.

Surrey Fire Services was called to the wooded residential lot at 2:30 a.m. where police say a homeless camp had been established. The body was found after the fire was put out.

Surrey RCMP have discovered the body of a homeless person after a fire at a homeless camp in the area of 97A Avenue and 137A Street.   The blaze broke out early Friday morning at 2:30 a.m. Surrey Fire Services requested the assistance of RCMP in response to a fire in a shed at a homeless camp. Once the blaze was doused firefighters found a deceased person inside the shed.   The Surrey RCMP Serious Crime Unit has taken over of the investigation and will be working with fire investigators and the BC Coroner Service to determine the cause of the fire and to identify the deceased person.   Anyone with information is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

"It was a fire in a shed that was located in this vacant lot that was occupied by a homeless, and that after the fire was extinguished they discovered the remains of one person inside that shed", according to RCMP police spokesperson Cpl. Elenore Sturko.

Environment Canada says residents who live in the Fraser Canyon, Nicola, and Similkameen regions all need to be aware of potential dangers as a low-pressure system over Washington state will result in widespread showers and isolated thunderstorms for the southwest interior. Total rainfall amounts will be variable across the region, with 10 to 20 mm expected today. Any areas affected by thunderstorms could see locally higher amounts in excess of 25 mm.

In 2017, at the height of Surrey's homeless crisis on 135A Street — the so-called Surrey Strip — Erin Schulte says her work veered from serving bowls of soup to the homeless to injecting Narcan to save those same people from overdosing.

“As it appears that many local governments were unaware of the change to consider all cannabis production as farm use, and that consequently the ALC would no longer be considering applications for cannabis production, the amendments have had the effect of creating a 3-month gap in which some forms of cannabis production may have been unregulated in terms of ALC oversight and/or local government land use regulation,” Singh said.

Schulte's voice choked as she remembered watching city officials and police follow through on a promise to remove Whalley's tent city residents into new modular housing.

“Once on scene, officers determined a silver Audi Q5 was travelling westbound and struck a pedestrian who was crossing Highway 10. The pedestrian, a 54-year-old male, was transported to hospital with serious life-altering injuries. The driver, a 36-year-old female, remained on scene and is co-operating with the police investigation,” said Cpl. Elenore Sturko.

"I said that when 135A was disbanded or when they forced everybody off that street, I said that we would be seeing more dead bodies in school fields and in derelict backyards and sheds and these places that people are finding shelter in the rain when it gets cold", said Shulte.

A low-pressure system will develop over the southwest interior tonight resulting in widespread showers with embedded thunderstorms. Rainfall amounts will be variable across the region, but as much as 20 mm is expected through Friday afternoon. Any areas affected by thunderstorms could see higher amounts in excess of 30 mm.

The Surrey RCMP Serious Crime Unit is investigating and co-oridinating with Surrey Fire Services to determine the cause of the fire.

Earon Wayne Giles was released May 24 after spending 22 years in prison for six counts of break-and-enter to commit a sexual assault.

The sites range from walk-in tent sites to marine sites, 13 provincial parks will have 362 new sites and 12 recreation sites will have 232 new sites. The new BC Parks campsites are located in regions with the highest demand – the Lower Mainland, Thompson-Okanagan, Kootenay Rockies and Mount Robson.

Surrey’s mayor said he’s “appalled” by the release of a dangerous sex offender into his community and is calling for legislative changes to how government deals with high-risk offenders.

“There's always been historically a tug and pull in our federation between the supremacy of federal jurisdiction versus that of provincial jurisdiction, and when it comes to areas of the environment, this is an untested area. That's why we went to the courts.”

Earon Wayne Giles was released May 24 after spending 22 years in prison for six counts of break-and-enter to commit a sexual assault.

B.C.’s local government association says it feels blindsided by the Ministry of Agriculture's decision to deem cannabis production on the Agriculture Land Reserve a “farm use” — a decision municipalities were not informed of for three months.

“I am appalled that this sexual predator is being released into the very community that he committed his heinous crimes,” said Mayor Doug McCallum in a news release. “This not only puts our citizens at risk, but it is also a re-victimization of the victims.”

In a public warning, Surrey RCMP said Giles is “deemed a high risk to reoffend” and is subject to a long list of court conditions, including being forbidden from contacting any of his victims or their families.

The documents say Giles and another man would break into their homes in the middle of the night, and "on at least two occasions young children were present and witnessed the violation of their mothers."

Giles, 45, was a serial rapist who targeted young single mothers in the late 1990s. Operating with a partner, he sexually assaulted five Surrey women between 1992 and ’94.

“The level of violence escalated over the course of the offences; telephone lines were cut; money was stolen from most victims; and, one victim was subjected to two separate attacks less than a month apart,” read the judgment.

At the time of Giles’s sentencing, prosecutors didn’t seek a dangerous-offender application, which would have allowed authorities to detain him for an indeterminate period of time if he was judged to be so dangerous to the public that he presented a serious risk of violent or sexual reoffending.

"I think its absurd to be honest with you, ludicrous, that these types of people can come back into the community where they committed the crimes," McCallum said.

Professor Isabel Grant, a professor of law at the University of B.C., said this application is reserved for offenders who pose “a significant risk or threat to the physical safety of the public, usually in the context of sexual offences.”

Police say Earon Wayne Giles, 45, was released from prison on Friday after serving a 22-year prison sentence for break and enter and sexual assault against women in Surrey.

“If an application were brought today, the Crown would have to prove that this is someone that couldn’t be managed by a determinate sentence, along with intensive community supervision on release,” said Grant.

Surrey RCMP Cpl. Elenore Sturko said police are aware of Giles’s location and will be working with his bail supervisors to make sure he obeys the strict terms of his release.

Those terms include a ban on leaving the province without permission and a strict curfew barring Giles from leaving his home after 10 p.m.

“I think it’s understandable that people including the mayor feel upset that we have a person like this reside in our community,” said Sturko.

The five victims are described as "all young, single women living in ground floor or basement suites."

Sturko said the province’s top Mounties personally approved a public statement about Giles’s release, which was also approved by the B.C. privacy commissioner.

“This isn’t about frightening the public. This is about giving the public as much information as we can to let them know he’s in the community,” said Sturko.

In his statement, McCallum condemned Giles’s release and called for changes in how dangerous offenders are processed.

“Our system isn’t working, and what we have here borders on the absurd,” said McCallum. “We need an overhaul in how we deal with these sexual predators.”