Police investigating fatal fire at Surrey gas station – CBC.ca

Police investigating fatal fire at Surrey gas station - CBC.ca
Surrey polling station stays open after fatal fire at gas station across the street
Surrey fire crews and police were called to the fire in the 8700 block of Harvie Road at around 5:30 a.m. PT, according to a statement.

The fire gutted the Petro Canada gas station and convenience store. Police said one person was found dead inside the gas station after the flames were out.

Theres a polling station in Port Kells Community Hall, and Elections Canada spokesperson Andrea Marantz said it remained open despite the fire. Two roads that access the Port Kells Community Hall were closed, but Elections Canada staff were directing traffic to the polling station from the east side via the 88th Avenue.

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"That always raises the concern level as to whether the gas is involved or not," Cairney said. "In this case it … didnt complicate the matter any further."

Elections Canada says it’s keeping a polling station in Surrey open despite a fatal two-alarm fire at a nearby gas station Monday morning.

Firefighters were called to the Petro Canada at 88th Avenue and Harvie Road around 5:30 a.m., where Bat. Chief Brian Carmichael said there was an explosion inside the convenience store.

And people in the Surrey riding were also concerned about building infrastructure and transportation in the province’s fastest-growing city. Hardie said there was a lot of support for extending the SkyTrain to Langley or at least Clayton and some concern that a Conservative federal government wouldn’t come through with the money Ottawa had already pledged.

Carmichael said the fire did not affect the fuel pumps or tanks and was contained to the convenience store, which he said was a total loss.

Hardie, a former media spokesman for TransLink, lost some support, having won the riding in 2015 with 47 per cent of the votes. Nina Grewal who had held the seat for the Conservatives since 2004, was second with 29 per cent of the votes. The NDP was third (22 per cent), followed by the Green Party (two per cent).

Surrey RCMP said it investigated the building once the fire was under control, and found one person dead inside.

Elections Canada said the polling station at the Port Kells Community Centre across the street remained open, however anyone heading there will need to enter from the east side of 88th Avenue.

Ohana in a text congratulated Hardie and said, “In a race where many thought the NDP would be down and out, we proved how strong we were. I am proud of my volunteers and team for pulling off an amazing result and look forward to holding this government accountable.”