3 suspects to be deported from Canada after series of Surrey assaults – CBC.ca

3 suspects to be deported from Canada after series of Surrey assaults - CBC.ca
Surrey RCMP say three people deported in connection to brawl caught on video
Surrey RCMP say three individuals will be deported from Canada as a result of their involvement in a series of assaults involving large groups of youths over the past several months.

Police say they have been looking into the crimes, footage of which circulated on social media, since March and have investigated 50 individuals connected to the groups.

“While not all of these incidents involve international students, law enforcement officials want to remind individuals who are visiting Canada on a Visa that any engagement in criminal activity violates the condition of their Visa and they could be removed from Canada as a result,” said Surrey RCMP Cpl. Elenore Sturko in a media release.

The most recent incident involved video of an assault with a weapon and vandalism to property which occurred in a Newton parking lot on Nov. 11.

3 people deported amid RCMP investigation into Surrey brawls caught on camera

An earlier video showed a fight taking place in the parking lot of a strip mall in Strawberry Hills in August.

"These deportations were as a direct result of some of the investigation that was done into that fight," said Surrey RCMP Cpl. Elenore Sturko.

“During the last few weeks there have been some videos which are going viral on social media, which is very concerning to see, and now our Canadian born kids are questioning it,” she said.

Sturko said police were working in conjunction with the Canada Border Services Agency. The status of three other individuals is still being reviewed.

Mounties say their Community Response Unit has been working on public safety concerns involving youth congregating, drinking and fighting in the Strawberry Hills area since March.

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum recently referred to the two videos circulating online that showed groups of men attacking each other and vandalizing cars, saying police need to take strong action.

McCallum said he wants to see the RCMP take “immediate and strong action to get a handle on this kind of mob violence that is occurring far too frequently in Surrey.”

In a Tuesday news release, police say they have been making progress on the cases that have been described as mob violence.

The viral videos of the brawls caught the attention of Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum, who last week issued a statement calling them repugnant” and a risk to the public.

"We want to assure the community that our Community Response Unit has been actively engaged in this issue for the past eight months," said Superintendent Shawn Gill.

Ashiana Khań, a talk radio host with internet Indian radio station Media Waves Communication, is hosting a public forum on the violence in the neighbourhood Tuesday night.

The release says not all of the violent incidents involved international students, but police also issued a reminder that individuals visiting Canada on a visa can be removed from the country if they engage in any criminal activity.

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In the wake of the brawl at the Strawberry Hills mall, Mounties said they stepped up patrols in the area, calling it a “hotspot” for violent behaviour.

SURREY – Three people have been deported from Canada since police began investigating video of a Surrey brawl that circulated on social media over the summer.

Khań said she was pleased to hear that police had made progress on the Strawberry Hills mall incident, but the more recent brawl was still a concern.

The video was captured in the Strawberry Hill area back in August, and shows someone being punched and kicked by at least four other people.

On Tuesday, Surrey RCMP revealed investigators have been "actively engaged" with the problem of group violence in the city since March, working with business owners and investigating some 50 people, three of whom have since been deported.

Surrey RCMP says three people have been deported amid investigations into at least two brawls captured on video in the Newton area.

"While not all of these incidents involve international students, law enforcement officials want to remind individuals who are visiting Canada on a visa that any engagement in criminal activity violates the condition of their visa and they could be removed from Canada as a result," said Cpl. Elenore Sturko, media relations officer for Surrey RCMP

On Tuesday, police said in addition to the three people who had been deported, police were reviewing the status of three others.

All three of the deportees were investigated in connection with the Strawberry Hill incident. In addition, the RCMP said "the status of three other individuals is currently being reviewed."

She said she wants to see more action from police, and stricter vetting of international students coming to Canada.

Last week, another troubling video emerged showing a mob of young men using golf clubs and other makeshift weapons to damage cars and attack at least one person in a Newton parking lot.

The RCMP has not announced any arrests in connection with the latest incident, but its investigation is still ongoing.

A community forum was held at the Grand Taj Banquet Hall Tuesday night to address growing concerns about violence in Surrey.

"Theres fear in the community," said Ashiana Khan, CEO of Media Waves Communications, which hosted the event.

Hundreds of people turned up to have their say. Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and representatives from the provincial and federal governments were in attendance.

Nearly a dozen speakers took to the stage, many of them blaming a spike in mob-style violence on students from out of the country.

"Were not going to put up with this. Go back to the countries that you came from," said McCallum in reaction to the videos.

The open mic portion of the evening got heated at one point after a former international student shared his experience. He lashed out at many of the speakers for painting students with the same brush. The man called them a disgrace before he was kicked off the stage and booed out of the room.

"Were not against international students but when they come here they have to behave in the same manner as us Canadians behave," said Khan.

RCMP are adamant that students arent the only ones on their radar. Investigators are looking into people from all different backgrounds.

"Theyve actually identified a group of about 50 individuals whove been congregating in that area and who may be responsible," explained Sturko.

"The violence has escalated now into these type of random gang violence, thats new. And we need to have the RCMP, until we get out own police, be a lot more proactive," McCallum told CTV News.

As part of their ongoing efforts that began back in March, authorities said they have kept an "overt presence" of Community Response Unit officers in the Newton area to address complaints about harassment, public drunkenness and fighting involving youths and young adults.

Officers from the Surrey Gang Enforcement Team and traffic services have also been conducting regular patrols.

Surrey RCMP asked anyone with information on the latest fight video, which was recorded on Nov. 11, to contact the detachment or Crime Stoppers.