Ontario college faculty to decide whether to accept latest offer after vote called by employer

Ontario college faculty to decide whether to accept latest offer after vote called by employer
Ontario's college students strike back — in the courts, on the airwaves
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'My whole future depends on it': International students in Windsor caught in college strike

Caitlin Foulon, a first-year student at Fanshawe College in London, is one of the plaintiffs in the proposed class action lawsuit that alleges breach of contract.
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Ontario college strike put to deciding vote

Charney Lawyers in Toronto is representing the group, and will be paid out of any settlement awarded, she added.
“But do I think that there’s a just cause? Yeah I do.”P.E.I. businesses, groups encouraged to check gender and diversity"On behalf of Sault College Students Union, we want to reiterate that we are remaining neutral regarding the bargaining parties. However we support and highly respect any student led initiatives to have their voices heard in a respectful manner and we encourage them to continue educating themselves on both sides of the bargaining process and continue to voice their concerns,” stated the Sault College Student Union (SCSU) in an email Tuesday.Students such as Miesje Connolly-Robertson say they’re simply stuck in the middle and left with questions on whether the semester can be saved.“We’re going to let that process unfold. My concern is to get the students back to class."
Kennedy said he has been picketing every day and has witnessed tremendous support from students.  
Toll-free (Canada only): 1-866-306-4636Some 12,000 college professors across Ontario, including at College Boreal in Sudbury, have been on strike since Oct. 16. (Erik White/CBC )

Voting underway on offer to end faculty strike at Ontario colleges

Best says Cambrian has so far saved about $2 million in faculty salary over the last 30 days. 
Ontario colleges reach out to striking faculty ahead of vote on offer 500,000 students ‘caught in the crossfire’ during Ontario college strike The union has recommended its members reject the offer.

Students start class-action lawsuit against colleges over ongoing strike

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—With files from The Canadian Press, and 980 CFPL’s Liny Lamberink.
The union has recommended its members reject the offer.

While no talks are planned to end the strike, the roughly 12,000 faculty are voting today until Thursday on the province's last contract offer. If rejected, the province has indicated it will step in with legislation to prevent students from losing their semester.

“It’s about standing up for how people are treated. . . . They’re ethical concerns,” she said.

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About 12,000 college faculty members have been off the job since Oct. 15 after contract talks broke off between the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), which represents striking staff, and the College Employer Council, which represents Ontario’s 24 colleges.

College prof union tells members to reject offer: 'You have no choice but to vote no'

But the union said the offer contains “serious concessions” that were not agreed to, which would erode faculty rights and contribute to an unsustainable staffing model.

College faculty begin their “forced vote” on a contract offer on Tuesday, as their strike — now in its fifth week — becomes the longest job action in their history.

Blue Jays back Rail Deck Park idea as city eyes zoning changesWhen talks broke off, she said academic freedom was the key issue left to resolve.Details of the employer council’s most recent offer have been published on a website.

Even though the Liberal government hasn’t ruled out back-to-work legislation, during a union town hall OPSEU President Warren “Smokey” Thomas, said “they have also indicated that they would not be inclined to do that,” and that they “would be extremely reluctant to use” it because of possible legal challenges.

Open Letter To Jim Madder, President of Confederation College

strike back — in the courts, on the airwaves” alt=”Ontario's college students strike back — in the courts, on the airwaves”>
Ontario's college students strike back — in the courts, on the airwaves

“This is totally garbage for us,” said Saurav Katara, who is enrolled in the International Business Management program. 

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'You won't lose your semester'

“I can totally understand why they’re striking. I understand that, but as a student, it’s hard to see that they have our best interests at heart when we’re not even in the classrooms.”petition, which has now garnered 133,000 signatures, asks for tuition refunds.

Open Letter to Full-Time and Partial-Load Faculty from Confederation College President Jim Madder

Advanced Education Minister Deb Matthews said she is “very, very concerned” about the students who are caught in the middle of a dispute that has “gone on way too long.”Students across the province plan to rally Tuesday through Thursday as striking OPSEU-represented faculty members vote on whether to accept the latest offer from the College Employer Council (the CEC, the group representing Ontario’s 24 community colleges) and get back to work or not.

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But legislating instructors back to work would be politically risky: Premier Kathleen Wynne had to spend a long time repairing relations with teachers’ unions after taking over from Dalton McGuinty in 2013. Letting the strike continue, though, also has political risks for the Liberals, and no government’s patience is infinite.

: Students experiencing financial hardship due to college strike will receive funding: Province

Madder said he doesn't think it's likely that the provincial government will step in if the offer is voted down. 

The legal action comes as striking faculty who've been off the job for about a month began to vote today on a contract offer.Curran said they intended to deliver written testimonials from students, detailing how the strike has affected them, to Sault MPP Ross Romano’s office, with the hope he will pass them on to the governing Liberals at Queen’s Park.

Bill 148, the first major reform to provincial labour legislation in a generation. If we take the Liberal claims seriously, then at least on this, the government and OPSEU are on the same page.Share on Facebook Tweet Email This Get Current Affairs & Documentaries email updates in your inbox every morning.

Fanshawe College English instructor Jeff Miles on the picket line Tuesday morning. (Jennifer Bieman/The London Free Press)The colleges have said the offer includes a 7.75 per cent salary increase over four years, improved benefits – including extended pregnancy and parental leave, and a $500 increase in coverage for paramedical services – and measures to address concerns regarding part-time faculty.

Striking college faculty across Ontario set to vote on final contract offer

Katara, who is originally from India, moved to Windsor specifically for the program after completing his Master of Business Administration.”It’s the only time in the history of the colleges the semester has been under threat,” Kevin MacKay, a member of the OPSEU faculty bargaining team said Monday. “And I’m telling you, if the strike doesn’t end this week, the semester is under threat — serious threat.”

Conestoga students rally as faculty strike enters 5th week

Ontario college strike put to deciding vote
Ontario college strike put to deciding vote

“Students are experiencing skyrocketing rates of anxiety and depression with few resources on campus to assist them, they are being forced to turn down job offers and are worried how they will be able to support themselves” if the semester is lengthened.The notice of action alleges the colleges breached contracts with students by failing to provide vocational training and a full term of classes.0 Likes0 CommentsSubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:

Since Oct. 15, the Ontario college faculty strike has closed 24 colleges and left nearly 500,000 students without classes. The strike, now into its fifth week with 22 days of class cut so far, has extended Fanshawe College’s first semester into January.’It’s a joke’: Small business owners blast Ontario tax cut announcementThe lawsuit seeks damages for breach of contract and breach of the Ontario Consumer Protection Act. To date, the colleges have not refunded fees paid to attend the colleges, the release said. “As a result, the colleges have breached the contracts with the students.”

Two sides try to woo striking Ontario community college teachers ahead of vote on final offer from Tuesday to Thursday

“We are striking for really the greater issues to do with the fact that the vast majority faculty teaching in the system are working on… short-term, underpaid contracts,” Kennedy said.

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Student concerns remain, despite possible end to strike

It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges.

“There’s a bit of fear, right? It’s not like we’ve been away for a month on vacation where you know when the end was going to be there and you’d come back refreshed and ready to hit the ground at a full sprint.Get us back in the classroom. I don’t care how you do it. My whole attitude to this semester is, ‘Let’s just get this over with.’ Nobody is enjoying themselves.”

Ontario college faculty set to vote this week, could end month-long strike

Voting will take place online and over the phone and is scheduled to end Thursday.  If the vote passes, students could be back in class as soon as Nov. 21.

Ontario colleges strike enters its fifth week and students feel 'hopeless' as bills mount

Among them are concessions around the process for hiring full-time faculty, provisions that would allow faculty to exceed overtime limits and make it harder to take professional development days, MacKay said.

“The students paid the fees. If the colleges cannot, for whatever reason, provide the promised vocational training, then the fees should be refunded.”

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