Kawhi on his time in Toronto: It was amazing – TSN

Kawhi on his time in Toronto: \It was amazing\ - TSN
Clippers Leonard reflects on amazing time with Raptors ahead of reunion
10h ago Kawhi on his time in Toronto: It was amazing As Kawhi Leonard gets set to face his former team for the first time Monday Night in Los Angeles, he reiterated his fond memories of the organization, city and country as a whole. TSN.ca Staff

As Kawhi Leonard gets set to face his former team for the first time Monday Night in Los Angeles, he reiterated his fond memories of the organization, city and country as a whole.

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“The guys, the journey, also the country, the city, it was amazing,” Leonard told reporters Saturday. “Theres just so much you could keep going on and talking about.”

First of all, though finding common ground has become a lost art in the modern age, it is OK to disagree about pro athletes resting. Theres nothing wrong with considering how a parent and child might feel after purposely and excitedly selecting one game to attend, only for those feelings to turn to disappointment when they find out the player they most hoped to see wont be suiting up. It also doesnt take a financial expert to acknowledge that the league would prefer its best players – when healthy – to be spotlighted on national TV given the amount of money its broadcast partners pay for rights.

Kawhi on what hell remember about his time in Toronto, outside of the championship: “The guys, the journey, also the country, the city, it was amazing. Theres just so much you could keep going on and talking about it.”

“I never went in with a negative mindset. Playing with Cory Joseph in San Antonio, him being from that area in Toronto, I knew what the city brought… So I always felt positive with the trade. The front office I knew was great already with Masai being in there.”

If managing Leonards workload between October and April increases the chances that shared goal is realized by even a fraction, then its a worthwhile success, and the Clippers will be doing right by Leonard and themselves. Beyond that, cold as it may sound, they dont owe anything to anybody. Not even the family who may have circled the Clippers on their calendar when purchasing tickets, or the suits concerned with television ratings.

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Kyle Lowry Out For 2 Weeks With Thumb Injury: Report

Leonard added that he continues to feel the love from the Canadians he runs into down south, telling him how much they appreciate what he did for the team and for the country by leading the Raps to their first championship in franchise history this past summer. Still, he doesnt find himself having second thoughts about his decision.

“Im able to see my family after the games. Im in Southern California, beautiful weather, Im at my house. So everythings been good,” Leonard said. 

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“Its a former team that I won a championship with, but its [like] any other game. Its going to be fun to see the guys again and congratulate them and be able to shake hands and compete.” 

Kyle Lowry will not be able to play when the Toronto Raptors face off against the Los Angeles Clippers. Kawhi Leonard led the Raptors to their first championship last season but switched to the Clippers in the offseason. His move left multiple Raptor fans disappointed, and many of them were excited that the upcoming game would be a form of revenge. Their hopes have been severely dashed. As reported by ESPN, the Raptors star point guard, Lowry, will miss at least two weeks because of a fracture of the distal phalanx of his left thumb. 

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Kawhi Leonards latest rest day in a high-profile game shows the NBA has a problem thats not going away soon

“OG is finally getting a chance to play every game, a lot of minutes, so his improvement is going to keep getting better, as well as Pascal. Him being the No. 1 option there is great for him. Hes going to learn and keep growing.”

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Load management is the NBAs hottest term. What does it mean?

While Monday night will be a bit of a trip down memory lane for Leonard, the real moment of reflection will likely come on Dec. 13 when he makes his return to Scotiabank Arena.

Citing star players getting spared in games as "soft" or referring to the old days is a boring and tired argument that completely ignores how the game has changed. In todays league, where players coming in from college are essentially asked to be far more established in their all-around game, and where defense is way more centered on switching, hedging and rotating than ever before, movement, and thus pressure on joints, is at an all-time high. Players are cutting more, and their training regiments are harder and harsher than of those who came before.

Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard takes a selfie holding his playoffs MVP trophy as he celebrates during the 2019 Toronto Raptors Championship parade in Toronto on Monday, June 17, 2019. (Frank Gunn / CP)

Kawhi Leonard Explains Heartwarming Story Behind Post-Game Shirt

LOS ANGELES – It might be a stretch to say the Kawhi Leonard is missing Toronto and his time in Canada now that hes settled in at home with the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Clippers organization, which is now well-run after years of ineptitude, clearly decided to copy Torontos approach to Leonard, as to optimize their use of him in the long run. The Clippers entered the season as favorites to win the championship, so theres something larger on the line here than regular season games. If the Clippers were to overplay Leonard during the season, and it led to complications that would leave him limited during the playoffs, the media narrative would immediately be flipped on its head.

But the “here for a good time, not a long time” Raptors hero made an impression up north, and it certainly seems that his one season with the Toronto Raptors made a lasting impression on the Southern California native, even if he hasnt got his championship ring yet.

American friends, please, take it from me, someone who began last season as a heavy critic of load management, the potential return of such a program is extensive. It’s worth it. If you’re someone who bought a ticket to a game only to see Leonard sit and now you’re angry about it, I promise you the feeling you get when that final buzzer goes and the Clippers are crowned champs will more than offset the yucky sensation that comes with missing out on seeing Leonard play in the regular season. When it matters most, he’ll be on the floor.

The guys, the journey, you know what I mean? Leonard said when asked about what has stuck with him after his whirlwind 12-month stint in Toronto that ended with his second NBA title in June and him opting to sign with his hometown Clippers in July.

Anybody still bitter about losing Leonard, understand that the Raptors could not have done anything differently in a collective quest to court the new king of the NBA, Kawhi Leonard — Toronto checked all the boxes, medically, keeping Leonard content from that standpoint, allowing No. 2 stay healthy, and subsequently dominate. As was to be expected, Canada nailed the healthcare part of the Kawhi equation, but frigid winters and the need to be close to his family resulted in Kawhi returning to his home country, the United States of America.

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I was just telling someone the other day, its shocking to me how many Canadians do live here (in L.A.) or are just visiting, he said after the Clippers practised in advance of Leonards reunion game against the Raptors on Monday night (10:30 p.m. ET on Sportsnet ONE and Sportsnet NOW).

Truth is, the real problems are back-to-backs, and four games in five nights, though, the latter test has been discontinued by the league, I believe. Load management is an injury prevention mechanism that is here to stay, for now. Few things in this world deserve the “here4ever” hashtag, cockroaches, unfortunately, come to mind…but jokes aside, the American media needs to take a page out of Canada’s playbook and limit the discussion around the NBA’s newest loophole in injury and workload management.

LA Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard on Toronto Raptors: The guys, the journey, also the country, the city, it was amazing.

Just walking around, people say, ‘Im from Toronto or Winnipeg’ or these different cities in Canada. You never know unless you go play up there and they recognize your talent from playing with the Raptors.

Look, I don’t like it just as much as the next person, but committing to Kawhi Leonard’s wishes, as far as his health was concerned, resulted in the Toronto Raptors winning a freakin’ NBA title —  the laugh, the shot, the dunk on Giannis, all capped off by an epic parade that saw Leonard mix in a callback to the laugh that won over an entire country, then he waved goodbye to Canada.

Then again, some harsh winter weather aside, Leonard said he was never too trepidatious about playing in Toronto, which came to pass after he was traded to the Raptors by the San Antonio Spurs.

Playing with Cory Joseph in San Antonio, him being from that area in Toronto, I knew what the city brought, just going out there, playing games, hanging out with him and his friends, him taking me around, showing me the city.

I always felt positive with the trade and the front office. I knew it was great already with (Raptors president Masai Ujiri) being in there so it was never a negative thing, I was always open-minded about it.

After defending the Clippers decision to rest Leonard on Wednesday, the league then punished them on Thursday, fining the Clippers $50,000 for “inconsistent” statements regarding Leonards health. The fine came after head coach Doc Rivers said Leonard “feels great” and shot down the idea of Leonard dealing with an injury. The NBA said it determined Leonard was dealing with an injury, saying Leonard has “an ongoing injury to the patella tendon in his left knee” and would be sitting out back-to-backs.

It all worked out quite well, although the Raptors would have loved to have had a chance to bring Leonard back to defend their title.

The NBAs Kawhi Leonard rest fine for the Clippers, explained

If they do, Clippers coach Doc Rivers believes Leonards time in Toronto will be a significant factor.

If possible, Leonard is playing at an even higher level than he did last season with the Raptors, or even in his last two healthy seasons in San Antonio when he finished second and third in the leagues MVP race.

Coaches and players arent explaining the idea of load management well, either, and that also isnt helping fans. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers was fined $50,000 by the league for saying Leonard feels great, despite load managing him hours later. The NBA has a policy in place to fine teams $100,000 for sitting healthy players for nationally televised games, but the Clippers confirmed with the league that Leonard is suffering from an ongoing injury to his patella tendon. Still, the head coach saying Leonard feels great, and then not playing him can be disappointing for a fan.

Who has legitimate gripe about resting Kawhi Leonard? Fans do

Through seven games hes averaging what would be a career-high 29 points a game, but even more impressively a career-best 5.4 assists, which – on a per minute basis – is almost double his career-best.

Share All sharing options Share All sharing options for: Load management is the NBAs hottest term. What does it mean? Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email Kawhi Leonard in a suit has become a common sight for NBA fans. The NBA is a superstars league, and franchises are doing anything they can to keep their best players in top shape for the playoffs. Recently, thats meant sitting players for games in whats known on the stat sheet as load management. Load managements a much-too-long phrase that means rest.

To Rivers eye, its a carry-over from the playoffs when Leonard seemed to trust his teammates the deeper into the post-season the Raptors went.

Its funny we noticed – at least I noticed – that each round of the playoffs he got better and better, said Rivers.

Kawhi Leonard vs. Raptors will be the rarest kind of reunion

You could see it. First round he was going for it, second round a little more, third round he started playmaking, by the Finals he was really playmaking. Winners adapt, and I thought he adapted to what they were playing and hes brought that back this year.

Weve had the advantage of him doing that or learning that in Toronto (so) now we get that package. His passing has been sensational for us.

There is a chance that Leonard will gain a significant target by the time he suits up against Toronto on Monday night.

Rivers said there is a possibility that Paul George – Leonards hand-picked teammate who the Clippers acquired from the Oklahoma City Thunder to guarantee Leonard signing with them and not staying in Toronto, or signing with the Los Angeles Lakers – could make his debut against the Raptors.

If so, it will make the reunion much more of a challenge for the Raptors, who announced Saturday that Kyle Lowry will be out for two weeks minimum due to a small fracture in his left thumb, and Serge Ibaka will be out indefinitely after spraining his right ankle.

The absence of two the Raptors’ best players may take the edge off the matchup with the Clippers, which was poised to be difficult enough given Toronto has to play the revamped Lakers and another former teammate – Danny Green – on Sunday night.

Its a former team I won a championship with, but its any other game, said Leonard. (But) its going to be fun to see the guys again, and just congratulate them and be able to shake hands and compete.

Its not like he left on bad terms, said Rivers. Really. Its one of those leave good situations, not one of those leave awful situations.

Lets be honest, in our league, its usually the other way. Hes had the rare benefit of leaving in happy state. Thats rare. Has it happened? I dont know. If it has, its rare.