Building evacuation ordered, hydro cut after 5-alarm fire at Toronto apartment – Global News

Building evacuation ordered, hydro cut after 5-alarm fire at Toronto apartment - Global News
1 person found dead in 5-alarm fire at North York high rise
Officials say inspectors have ordered the power shut off at a Toronto apartment building where a five-alarm took place, causing hundreds of tenants to be displaced.

“The Electrical Safety Authority has determined that the power to the entire building must immediately be disconnected for safety reasons. The building must be evacuated,” Toronto Fire Services Chief Matthew Pegg wrote in a post on Twitter early Saturday.

North York building fire now under control after reaching five-alarm status

Toronto police said in an update on Twitter that residents were asked to “seek temporary shelter with friends/family” as arrangements were being made to help those without accommodations.

"Thats the reason why weve accelerated to a fourth, and now fifth alarm is that the number of resources we require on scene to safely and effectively deal with a fire of this magnitude in a building this big when all of the elevator systems are out."

Emergency crews were called to the 15-storey apartment building on Gosford Boulevard, west of Jane Street and south of Steeles Avenue West, just before 5:30 p.m. on Friday after a fire spread to several units across multiple floors.

"Our crews have successfully located, rescued and removed a number of patients. They are now in the care of Toronto Paramedic Services," he said.

Pegg said approximately 700 people live inside the apartment building. Many were initially told to shelter in place as others were evacuated. Several TTC buses were brought in to provide temporary shelter.

Mayor John Tory, who met with the residents, said he is satisfied by the remarkable work of the first responders to ensure all residents were safe.

Mayor John Tory and Pegg announced displaced residents would be able to go the Driftwood Community Centre Friday night. It was being opened with the assistance of the Canadian Red Cross.

Investigators from the Office of the Fire Marshal and Toronto Fire Services were brought in to probe the fire’s origin and circumstances. As of early Saturday, the cause of the fire wasn’t clear. Electrical and technical inspectors also attended the scene, but it’s unclear when utilities might be restored.

Pegg said six people were transferred to paramedics. One person was transported to a hospital in serious condition, Toronto paramedics said.

@Toronto_Fire Deputy Chiefs Jessop and Cocco will remain on scene overnight to coordinate the ongoing evacuation and continuing investigation / assessments along with TFS crews + additional @TorontoOEM and @redcrosscanada personnel.

"By the time everyone got ready, we couldnt exit because you open the door, and it was pitch-black. You couldnt see anything."

FIRE:Gosford Bl + Shoreham Dr– Fire is now out– Hydro issues in building– Entire building evacuated– Residents asked to seek temporary shelter with friends/family– Efforts underway to assist those displaced– TTC shelter buses o/s for immediate [email protected] ^dh

[email protected] confirms this isn now a 5th Alarm fire. Fire crews continue to extinguish fire on multiple floors. All elevators have failed inside the unit. Crews have rescued multiple patients from several floors, @TorontoMedics confirm one person is suffering serious injuries

One person has been found dead on a balcony after a five-alarm blaze swept through three floors of a North York apartment building.

Pegg said they still have a lot of work to do. At the height of the blaze, 22 fire trucks and about 100 personnel were on the scene.

Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg said Saturday morning the deceased person was found on an eighth floor balcony during an investigation operations.

"We have about a second alarm assignment here, and I suspect thats what well be here for the next little bit," he said.

The blaze is officially out but just after midnight the Electrical Safety Authority determined power to the entire building would have to be cut and all the residents were evacuated for the night.

"We have a total of six patients that crews have rescued and removed to the outside, transferred to the care of Toronto paramedics," Pegg told reporters at the scene. "Five of those patients have been assessed on scene and do not require transport to the hospital."

Fire crews were called to the apartment complex on Gosford Boulevard near Jane Street and Steeles Avenue West at around 5:30 p.m.

Ive explained that they will be allowed back in their homes as soon as the chief and everyone decides its safe, he said. I know that even when I talk to them that comes as a mild comfort to them because they are upset about not being able to get back into their home.

When firefighters arrived, smoke and flames could be seen billowing out from several units on the 7th, 8th and 9th floors of the 15 storey building.

“I heard some screaming, I smelled some smoke and I looked out my balcony and two floors above me there was fire just billowing out from the balcony,” said resident Felix Gomez, who sought shelter with his dogs in his car while firefighters fought the blaze.

“I’m a little shook up but I’m not complaining because, like I said, I just feel bad for the families who probably lost everything in their apartment and they have nowhere to stay tonight. I’m lucky enough that I don’t think my unit got any damage.”

Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg said that the fire began on the seventh floor of the building, but quickly spread to multiple floors. At the height of the five-alarm blaze, 22 fire trucks and about 100 personnel were on scene.

Fire crews say six people had to be rescued from the building and one of them was transported to hospital in serious but stable condition.

Four hours after firefighters arrived, the inferno was declared under control. At the height of the blaze up to 22 fire trucks and 100 firefighters were on the scene.

Manfriniv said that she heard people shouting that they couldnt breathe because of the smoke Eventually firefighters advised her to stay in her unit and wait on her balcony until it was safe to evacuate.

“We have crews inside the building, moving floor-to-floor and suite-to-suite doing checks on anyone still inside the building making sure that we identify anyone that may need assistance, said Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg.

The Office of Emergency Management was called in to help with a number of residents left displaced by the blaze and the Driftwood Community Centre opened its doors to provide temporary shelter for some of those forced out of their homes.

“We won’t know for some time, specifically, how many people will be displaced as a result of the fire,” said Pegg. “There appears to be significant damage on seven, eight and nine and some other floors. Best case scenario, if we end up being able to keep floors one through six operational, that would be fantastic.”

Speaking at the scene late Friday night, Toronto Mayor John Tory said that he has spoken to evacuated residents and have told them they will be looked after.

It was not yet clear what the caused the blaze or in what unit it started. The Office of the Fire Marshal has been called in to investigate.

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