Apple gains foothold in Vancouver with purchase of Buddybuild

Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, was an adviser to Buddybuild from the beginning. He offered his congratulations to Mr. Pilarinos on Twitter. Mr. Butterfield also highlighted that “now Apple has a Vancouver office,” punctuated by a smiley face.

The Vancouver tech scene is evolving. Leading local companies such as Hootsuite Media Inc., among others, had been expected to go public but it hasn’t yet happened. At the same time, Vancouver has become a burgeoning base for large U.S. companies.

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Mr. Pilarinos and Buddybuild will be a good start in Vancouver for Apple, said Boris Wertz, head of local venture capital firm Version One. Mr. Pilarinos has a history of growing and running operations at large companies, as well as from scratch in the startup world. It is a rare combination, said Mr. Wertz, who is a friend of Mr. Pilarinos but not a Buddybuild investor.

The Apple Inc. logo on a window outside of its flagship store in New York.

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