Female suspect bear-sprays Vancouver officer during arrest on Granville Street – Straight.com

Female suspect bear-sprays Vancouver officer during arrest on Granville Street - Straight.com
Woman sprays officer with bear spray during arrest on Granville St: VPD
The Vancouver Police Department stated in a news release issued today (September 16) that after 6:30 p.m. on September 13, an officer spotted a female, who is wanted B.C.–wide on an outstanding warrant, in the 1200 block of Granville Street.

The suspect then fired bear-spray into the officers eyes. Despite the spray, the officer managed to hold on to the suspect until other officers arrived.

According to police, the officer noticed Firth in the 1200-block of Granville Street at around 6:30 p.m., and tried to take her into custody on a province-wide warrant. She allegedly began to fight, and the officer called for back-up.

Janine Renata Firth, a 36-year-old Vancouver woman, has been charged with carry, use, or threaten to use a weapon in assaulting a peace officer, resisting arrest, and possessing a weapon. 

On September 11, when officers were arresting a 23-year-old male suspect on Pendrell Street after a homicide investigation in the same block, police allege that the suspect assaulted a police officer and attempted to injure a police dog. 

"Officers are aware of the risks they may encounter while on-duty," Sgt. Aaron Roed of the Vancouver Police Department said in a press release.

Prior to that incident, on August 21, two officers were assaulted as they attempted to arrest a male suspect who was behaving bizarrely near Sunset Beach. The suspect, 50-year-old Frank Pacella, who allegedly bit and punched officers, was arrested and charged.

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That's when Firth is accused of producing the can of bear spray and using it on the officer, who managed to hold onto her until back-up arrived.

A woman, who police say resisted arrest, allegedly sprayed a VPD officer in the eyes with bear spray

Janine Renata Firth has been charged with using a weapon to assault an officer after police say she used bear spray

During the incident, the woman produced a can of bear spray, and sprayed it into the eyes of the officer, says law enforcement. Still, the officer managed to hold onto the female until additional officers arrived and were able to help take the woman into custody.

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A 36-year-old woman has been charged after the Vancouver Police Department says she assaulted the officer arresting her with bear spray.

It happened on Sept. 13 when the officer spotted the woman, wanted on a province-wide warrant, on Granville Street at around 6:30 p.m.

The officer tried to arrest her but she fought back. She continued to resist, pulled out a can of bear spray and sprayed the officer in the eyes, the VPD says.

Janine Renata Firth of Vancouver has been charged with using a weapon in assaulting a peace officer, resisting arrest, and possession of a weapon.

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