Clarenville grieving after suicide of young music teacher, mental health advocate

First, get informed and then spread the word. The wealth of information available through the National Institutes of Mental Health is a good starting spot, she says. “If you read about a captivating research or treatment discovery, send it to a friend or post the link on your website to inspire others to learn more,” she writes.

“The public does not have access to a positive definition of mental health,” she said. “It is something that they struggle to talk about beyond mental health being the absence of disease.”

How to help combat mental illness

The problem is that experts and individuals do not use that positive definition enough, O’Neil said.

A new kind of mental health support

The Codey Fund for Mental Health is located at 300 Executive Drive, West Orange, NJ 07052. Email: Snowden hasn’t experienced mental health problems or engaged in self-harm. But the topic interests her, she said, because a friend she cares about from middle school went through that experience.

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Lighting up the night for Cortney Lake

Unruly passenger prompts flight cancellation: ‘I was extraordinarily scared. Like weak in the knees scared’“Eventually it will be the way things are and not just an initiative.”
“We deserve more than that,” said Louise Best.


But he still finds it difficult to explain his mental health challenges to his “ bestest of friends with the biggest hearts.”Thanks to the community-response team and the mental health navigator, Sheryl, who lives in North Dakota, has been informed on her brother’s progress and whereabouts since May.

Kevin Duffy, captain of detention at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, also points to the weight that high expectations, such as maintaining an affluent lifestyle, generate. That, coupled with what he describes as a “severe” lack of mental health resources, can create a stressful environment for many.The views and opinions expressed in this communication are those of the author and may not necessarily state or reflect those of ANZ.But the initiative is different in that it is “encouraging local officials to prioritize prevention and early intervention instead of criminalizing,” said Romanoff, president and CEO of Mental Health Colorado, a mental health advocacy organization. “Douglas County is consistent with everything we believe and everything research shows and everything the rest of Colorado ought to be doing.”

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“The idea of the mental health initiative was to really put forth that message that this is a community issue and it takes everyone in a community working together,” said Barbara Drake, Douglas County’s deputy manager who led the creation of the mental health initiative.

16 million adults live with major depression.
Ketamine: Fresh hope for the treatment of OCD, Local teens come together for Stanford Mental Health Innovation Challenge and California setting a new path for mental health services Image by ParentRap

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24. More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease. Just recently, two teenagers, age 12 and 14 succumbed to suicide in our state, one in Roxbury and one in Millburn.Victoria Best loved Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. She said she watched Super Bowl highlights each night during the holiday season so she fell asleep with a happy memory. (Facebook)

Sen. Richard Codey represents the 27th Legislative District.By increasing choice and access to support services, the industry acknowledges that individuals require far more than financial security to recover from mental illness.To focus on his mental health, Jackson stopped teaching and moved in with his mother in Aurora. He sees a psychiatrist once a week for an hour. He helps out at his father’s business and does part-time jobs every so often. He doesn’t know if he will teach again, but he has plans to move into his own place within the month.

“Income is a pretty good proxy for life circumstance,” said Dr. John Douglas, director of Tri-County Health Department, which provides health services to Douglas, Arapahoe and Adams counties. “In that respect, Douglas County looks better.”

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