Wind warning issued for Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island

Wind warning issued for Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island
Wind warnings issued for Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island
Sunday, November 25, 2018, 4:07 PM – From wind warnings to rain warnings, the west coast is seeing alerts for the miserable weather that an intense incoming front will bring. The front will approach the south coast Sunday night and will deliver strong winds and heavy rain that will continue overnight and cause frustrations for your Monday morning commute. More on timing and risk of subsequent thunderstorms, below. WEATHER HIGHLIGHTS: Special weather warning statements issued by Environment Canada for much of the south coast Moisture will continue inland, bringing snowfall that will intensify Monday for the interior Mountains West Vancouver Island could see 130+ mm of rain, 40-60 mm for the lower mainland through Monday night (Mark your calendars! Our all day #WinterForecast event takes place on November 26! Well give you the inside scoop on all things related to the snowy season!)

While the northern regions of the province have seen rain for most of the weekend, the southern portions will begin to receive their own share of rain during the day on Sunday.

Strong winds, heavy rains lash Vancouver Island

The rain and snow will intensify along the coast during Sunday afternoon and will reach the Vancouver area by the evening. The island can expect to receive some of the largest amounts of rain, with regions near Tofino potentially receiving over 130 mm.

The wind gusts that will flow in with the rain are expected to strengthen during the day and could reach up to 80 km/h on exposed coastal regions. These winds will likely be strong enough to damage roofs, toss loose objects, and snap tree branches. The winds will move out much sooner than the precipitation and are expected to ease Monday morning off the west coast of Vancouver Island and by Wednesday afternoon for the inner regions of the south coast.

Winds are expected to be the strongest tonight and ease Monday morning for most of the Island. The heaviest rainfall will come Sunday night and Monday morning before tapering off.

Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for Vancouver Island, including Greater Victoria, with winds up to 80 kilometres an hour expected late Sunday and early Monday. Heavy rain will accompany the wind. The federal agencys hourly forecast predicts southeast winds of 70 km/h between 1 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday, then changing to south winds at 50 km/h for the rest of the day. 

A wind warning forecasting of up to 80 km/h winds has been issued for south, east and west Vancouver Island — and the Southern Gulf Islands.

Environment Canada warned that the gusts may be strong enough to cause damage to buildings, for example tearing away roof shingles or damaging windows. Gusty winds can damage soft shelters, tents and awnings at outdoor events, the weather agency said. High winds can also cause tree branches to break. People should secure loose objects to prevent them from being tossed by the wind, which could cause injury or damage.

A wind warning is also in effect for North Vancouver Island with winds between 90 and 110 kilometres an hour expected Sunday evening. The weather advisory also warns of strong winds and heavy rain on Central Vancouver Island and the Southern Gulf Islands.