Micro-parties set to hold balance of power in Victorias Upper House

Micro-parties set to hold balance of power in Victoria\s Upper House
Hinch party thrilled at upper house chance
Derryn Hinch will use his party's new powerful position in Victoria's parliament to push for the state to have Australia's first public sex offenders register.

The former radio host's Derryn Hinch's Justice Party is on track to win up to four seats in the Legislative Council after Saturday's election, potentially bestowing it with the balance of power despite winning just 3.4 per cent of the vote.

Hinch: We’ll wait and see. I didn’t know I’d get there… I’ll tell you what: I want the state of Victoria to be the first state in Australia to have public list of sex offenders. Bang!

Bang!: Derryn Hinch decides his #1 aim for Victorian parliament mid-interview

Senator Derryn Hinchs Justice Party could win four upper house seats in the Victorian election.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

Hinch was one of the big winners in Saturday’s state election, with the former 3AW host’s party expected to win up to four seats in the Legislative Council.

Speaking on radio station 3AW, Hinch first revealed he didn't have an agenda ready to exploit the position as he hadn't thought his party's first run in Victoria would be so successful.

"Well wait and see. I didnt know Id get there. I was hoping to get one [candidate] up."

Hinch admitted to Neil Mitchell this morning that he didn’t have a clearly defined agenda — but that changed mid-interview.

When pushed by host Neil Mitchell, Hinch seemed to come up with the sex offenders register policy on the fly mid-interview.

"Ill tell you what, I want the state of Victoria to be the first state in Australia to have public list of sex offenders. Bang!" he said.

Hinch said he was yet to have talks with Labor or decide how the party would run, saying he wanted to wait until the seats were confirmed.

"It's all got to be worked out," he said "It's brand new territory, sunshine, I don't know."

He could say that he expected to appoint a state director, paid by the party, to run negotiations in Victoria.

Hinch disputed that his candidates had benefited from a "broken system" plagued with manipulation from so-called preference whisperer and Justice Party advisor Glenn Druery.

Hinch said he supported candidate Catherine Cumming's legislative agenda to push for so-called softer drugs, like marijuana, to be decriminalised and regulated.

Senator Derryn Hinch is thrilled his Justice Party could hold the balance of power in Victorias upper house.

The final make-up of the Legislative Council is yet to be confirmed but pundits are tipping the former journalist's political party could win up to four seats.

"If we get one, I'll be thrilled. If we get two, I'll be ecstatic. This is wait and see, the results aren't in yet. We could have the balance of power, so it's good to have that insurance policy in the upper house," Senator Hinch told Melbourne radio 3AW on Monday.

Once the outcome is known, Senator Hinch plans to meet with his Victorian counterparts and install a state director.

"It's brand new territory. I'll sit down in Melbourne with people and look at hiring staff and things like that, once we get the numbers known. It'll be good," he said.

The party will vote as a block, supporting issues including voluntary euthanasia, safe injecting rooms and legalising softer drugs like marijuana.

"I want the state of Victoria to be first state in Australia to have a public register of convicted sex offenders. That's what I want most of all," he said.

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