Reader Letter: Khadr case an example of why Canada is a joke

Reader Letter: Khadr case an example of why Canada is a joke
Scheer says Conservatives have a 'great story to tell'
Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr, 30, is seen at a home in Mississauga on July 6, 2017. Colin Perkel / Re: 'Blame is on everyone' in Khadr case, by Maura Forrest and Stuart Thomson, July 

When Donald Trump was elected, many liberal American pundits were forced to confront the fact that they didn't understand their country nearly as well as they thought. The result was an intense outpouring of media self-criticism that continues to this day. . Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr, 30, pictured in Mississauga, Ont., on Thursday, July 6, 2017. The federal government apologized to Mr. Khadr for its role in his imprisonment and awarded him $10.5-million as part of the civil suit launched

Suddenly, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the never-ending federal deficits is worried about spending too much of our money. That was his latest explanation last week for his decision to settle Omar Khadr's $20 million civil suit against the …

Scheer says Conservatives have a 'great story to tell'
Scheer says Conservatives have a 'great story to tell'
Now the Trudeau Liberals have apologized to Khadr and secretly gave him $10.5 million dollars, making him a very rich man. Khadr was born in Toronto but spent his early years moving back and forth between Canada and Pakistan, where his father. The federal government in general and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in particular need to cease blaming the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for every unpleasant decision that is supposedly forced upon them by this document. Trudeau again pleaded no. The prime minister doesn't back down. He doesn't sound rattled or up against it. Justin Trudeau doesn't talk like a guy who might do a soft-pedalling, especially when visiting the province where his government's $10.5-million payout to Omar Khadr is …

Strategists for each of the main federal parties will be watching the next few rounds of opinion polls intently as they assess the magnitude of the "Khadr bump." There is a consensus that the Trudeau government's controversial apology to Omar Khadr …

One of the many appalling effects of the “new” Canada brought forth by the Trudeau Liberals is that we have a government that will do more to defend anti-Canadian groups than pro-Canadian patriots. The anti-Canadianism is portrayed by Canadian leaders

In one of the many emotional ramp ceremonies conducted during Canada's mission in Afghanistan, Royal Canadian Dragoons Trooper Marc Diab's flag-draped casket is carried by fellow soldier to an awaiting CC-130 aircraft for repatriation back home from

Khadr settlement a travesty of justice

The federal payout to Omar Khadr had received meagre attention in the U.S. media – until now. The Wall Street Journal has published a scorching op-ed written by opposition MP Peter Kent that's now gaining traction elsewhere. The former journalist had

New Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer seems to embrace the notion he is “Stephen Harper with a smile” but says Canadians will see a much different style from him as he leads his party into the next election more than two years down the road. . OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated his sympathies for the families of the alleged victims of Omar Khadr Friday, but unlike his prime ministerial predecessor, said he has not reached out to them directly. 0. 1 h by: Canadian Press.

Canada's shameful history of neglecting veterans

Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr, 30, is seen in Mississauga on July 6, 2017. Colin Perkel / Re: The war on history just beginning, opinion column by Gord Henderson, July 8. I have not. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that he made no attempt to communicate with the widow of Sgt. Chris Speer, Tabitha Speer, according to CBC. At a news conference in Providence, Rhode Island, Trudeau admitted that he did not even

Incendiary editorial. Re: “A charity must be a charity,” Editorial, July 4. I just read this editorial. To my surprise, I thought the piece was relatively balanced, until this: “What we do not need in Canada is a devolution to the American model, where …

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