Trudeau makes big push for Liberal seat during Windsor campaign stop – AM800 CKLW (iHeartRadio)

Trudeau makes big push for Liberal seat during Windsor campaign stop - AM800 CKLW (iHeartRadio)
Trudeau makes quick stop in London
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau attended a campaign rally at the St. Clair College Centre for the Arts Monday, to promote the bonafides of his party and newly minted Windsor West candidate Sandra Pupatello.

Trudeau took to the stage after opening remarks from Chrystia Freeland — the Liberal candidate for Ontario's University-Rosedale riding — and recently nominated Pupatello.

Meanwhile, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will be in Toronto to unveil details of the party’s platform. She also has stops planned in Kitchener and Guelph on Monday.

During her remarks, Freeland cited her party's handling of the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement on Trade — otherwise known as the new NAFTA — as well the handling of U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum as reasons for voters to support the Liberal party. 

Video: Liberals pledge $535M in annual funding to support child care outside school hours

"We know that there are a lot of unpredictable factors in the world today," said Freeland. "And we know there could be fresh troubles over the next four years. So we need a fantastic Liberal team to come back to Ottawa."

Trudeau will be meeting with staff and students at the school on Oxford Street at 2 p.m. His day will also feature stops at schools in Waterloo and Windsor.

Freeland later introduced Pupatello, describing the former Ontario cabinet minister as "one of the smartest and toughest women I have ever met."

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Video: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau makes campaign stop in Waterloo, Ont. | LIVE

Trudeau makes campaign stop in London

During her speech, Pupatello roused the crowd by introducing a number of Liberal candidates vying for riding in southwestern Ontario, including Essex candidate Audrey Festeryga and Lambton-Kent-Middlesex candidate Jesse McCormick. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses a crowd at a Liberal fundraiser in Brampton, Ont., on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019.

Pupatello roused the crowd gathered by referencing former Ontario premier Mike Harris, saying "we've lived that movie of Mike Harris and we are not going down that road again."

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer begins his day in Lake Country, B.C., and will spend the evening in Calgary.

She also subtly minimized both NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, saying "we know that a vote down here for Jagmeet Singh brings Andrew Scheer closer to the prime minister and that is a no go for the people here in Windsor."

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"When we go knocking on those doors, that's what we are telling them: That an NDP vote is a throwaway vote, because it brings us closer to Scheer," Pupatello said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thanks Blessed Sacrament Catholic elementary school principal Michelle Kennedy after his visit on Monday. She said she didn't find out he was coming to the school until Sunday morning. "We had to prepare the location, what the activity would be, of course, security," she said. (MAX MARTIN, The London Free Press)

Despite her comments, Pupatello's speech was light on specific policy, serving as a way to rally the crowd for Trudeau's appearance, rather than convincing those gathered to vote for the Liberal party. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reads Why I Love Canada to pupils at Blessed Sacrament Catholic elementary school Monday. Elona Ibraheem, 7, eagerly tried to get his attention to answer a question. The Liberal leader was in London as part of the campaign trail. (MAX MARTIN, The London Free Press)

"People across the country are putting up their hands to join our Liberal movement," said Trudeau. "They're choosing to serve, they are choosing forward."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau read to Grade 1 and 2 pupils at Blessed Sacrament Catholic elementary school in London during a campaign stop on Monday Sept. 16, 2019. His book of choice? Why I Love Canada. (MAX MARTIN, The London Free Press)

Much like Freeland, Trudeau spoke to the work done to establish the new NAFTA partnership, speaking to the ways in which the three largest North American economies are integrated with one another.

"Windsorites understand more than just about anybody else how truly integrated our economies are with local plants like Fiat Chrysler and many folks crossing the border every single day for work, eating breakfast in Canada, lunch in the U.S. and getting back home to Canada for dinner."

London West Liberal incumbent Kate Young, and London-Fanshawe Liberal candidate Mohamed Hammoud watch on as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reads to pupils at Blessed Sacrament Catholic elementary school. (MAX MARTIN, The London Free Press)

Of course, Trudeau took time to bash his chief opponent in his second race for the prime minister's seat, criticizing Scheer for wanting to "cave on NAFTA."

“This is a prime minister that has not forgotten London,” said Fragiskatos. “It’s quite fitting for him to come to . . . a school and a community that have welcomed so many newcomers and their families.”

"He was wrong because workers were counting on us, families right here in Windsor were counting on us," Trudeau said. "So we went down to Washington and we fought for Canadian workers right across the country."

Kate Young, an MP in the last Parliament, is the Liberal candidate in London West. There could be an opportunity for Liberal candidate Mohamed Hammoud in London-Fanshawe, where longtime MP Irene Mathyssen is not seeking re-election.

According to the CBC News poll tracker, the Conservative party currently leads the Liberals, with 34.3 per cent support compared to 33.6 per cent support.

During a campaign stop in Waterloo, Ont. Monday morning at Sandowne Public School, Trudeau was asked about transit funding for the region. At the end of July, the province announced it had approved 17 projects under the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan. In August, the federal government approved five of those projects, including the largest, which is a new bus maintenance and storage facility in Waterloo.

Trudeau also spoke to Liberal investment in infrastructure, pointing to the party's support for the Gordie Howe International Bridge. 

Trudeau did not answer when the funding for the additional 12 projects might flow, but he said in the four years his party was in power, the Liberals had the "most ambitious infrastructure investment plan in the history of this country," with plants to spend $180 billion over 10 years.

Stepping beyond Windsor-Essex, the Liberal leader also spoke to his government's elimination of 87 boil water advisories in Indigenous communities across the country, the creation of "over a million new jobs" and the negotiation of new health accords with the provinces and territories, among other successes. 

"When I talk to people in this area, all throughout southwestern Ontario, a big quality of life issue is how much time people lose in traffic. That can be addressed with public transit as it can also be addressed with more efficient road systems as well," he said.

"On Oct. 21, Windsor, choose a government that will fight for you and with you for a stronger middle class and for a better Canada for all Canadians," he said. "From coast to coast to coast, let us stand together and let's choose forward."

"We are there as a federal government to be partners on the transit needs and the infrastructure needs of communities and we're looking forward to continue to invest in the future of K-W and indeed, regions across southwestern Ontario."

The Liberal party held their rally several hours after NDP candidates announced a new $300 million auto plan at an event in Windsor. 

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Video: Canada Election: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau holds rally in Windsor, Ontario | LIVE

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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says local municipalities are in the best position to determine what they need when it comes to transit and infrastructure and if re-elected this October, he's ready to partner with them.

Trudeau was at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School for story time, reading to a group of young children, with photographers snapped pictures.

“I wanted to wish you all a great year ahead,” said Trudeau. “Every new school year is a fresh start, so try something new. Join a sports team or a club, tutor students in a younger grade or volunteer out in the community. Also, be nice to your teachers. I was once a teacher and they are going to be your best allies in building a better future for yourself and they work really really hard to make sure you do great.”

Trudeau started his day in Waterloo, pledging $535 million per year to increase before and after-school child care spaces and cut fees for parents, a program that would require getting the provinces on side.

Blessed Sacrament principal Michelle Kennedy says such programs help parents whose jobs dont always coincide with school hours.

“I know Mr. Trudeau could probably go into any classroom with a background in teaching, but I thought it would be nice for our primary class to hear a story that’s part of their regular routine, so it would be sort of normal.”

"Ive been an administrator at other schools where theres waiting lists for kids to get in. So thats the situation in a number of our schools. So particularly in those schools this will be great news because meanwhile when theyre on waiting lists theyve got to come up with some other solutions," Kennedy says.

The Trudeau announcement can be seen as evidence that Trudeau is taking on Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, by funding those areas where Ontario Premier Doug Ford made cuts.

The day will end with a campaign rally in Windsor at the St. Clair College for the Arts. Trudeau will be joined by Sandra Pupatello and Chrystia Freeland.

Following his stop in London, Trudeau continued on to Windsor where he had a rally planned for Monday night at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts with Windsor West Liberal Candidate Sandra Pupatello.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is in Quebec for a second day while Andrew Sheers Conservative campaign head to Calgary.

Trudeau was joined by local Liberal candidates Peter Fragiskatos (London North Centre), Kate Young (London West), and Mohamed Hammoud (London Fanshawe).

The Green Party is expected to unveil their full platform while Peoples Party Leader Maxime Bernier head to New Brunswick.

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau reads to children at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School in London, Ont. on Monday, Sept. 16, 2019. (Bryan Bicknell / CTV London)