Election polls close, Manitoba awaits results – Winnipeg Free Press

Election polls close, Manitoba awaits results - Winnipeg Free Press
Progressive Conservatives win majority government in Manitoba election
Wab Kinew has passed his first electoral test as leader of the Manitoba NDP, as CBC News has projected he will win his seat in Fort Rouge and the party will gain seats this election.

The Opposition party is projected to win 18 seats in Manitoba's 57-seat legislature — four more than they won in 2016.

Pallister won the seat in the Fort Whyte riding, and will see many of his ministers back at the cabinet table, though Crown Services Minister Colleen lost in St. Vital.

The results of Manitobas provincial election

The Metropolitan Theatre in Winnipeg exploded in cheers as Kinew took the stage Tuesday night. Voters, he said, made it clear that "they want us to be the conscience of Manitoba."

Manitoba Election: Progressive Conservatives Win Second Term Under Brian Pallister

"I don't think we were defeated tonight," he told the crowd. "And the sign that many Manitobans agree are all the New Democrat MLAs elected today."

Spirits were high as the party faithful celebrated several gains: the party won back St. Vital, unseating incumbent cabinet minister Colleen Mayer, regained seats in northern Manitoba and staved off a possible defeat by the Green Party in Wolseley.

The Progressive Conservatives have won a majority government and PC Leader Brian Pallister is re-elected as premier.

Premier Ford Congratulates Premier Pallister of Manitoba

"We increased our seat count, we took out a cabinet minister. This was a very good night," Kinew said following his speech.

NDP Leader Wab Kinew was re-elected in Fort Rouge, defeating Green Party Leader James Beddome. 

Pallister earns another term as Manitoba premier, PCs win majority

There were, however, losses for the party, with longtime NDP MLA Ted Marcelino being unseated by Liberal candidate Cindy Lamoureux in Tyndall Park.

Video: Manitoba Election: NDP Leader Wab Kinews FULL concession speech

"I love Ted. He gave so much to this campaign and you are pointing out one outcome, but Ted probably won us three or four other seats," Kinew said when asked about the loss.

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"I feel energized, enthused and proud," said Kinew, who ran against Green Party Leader James Beddome and four other candidates in Fort Rouge, a seat he first won in 2016.

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Video: Brian Pallister declared winner in Manitoba provincial election

Kinew said he has no plans to step down as party leader, and expects to lead the NDP in the next election.

In addition to Fort Rouge, the NDP are projected to win several other seats previously held by the party, including Nahanni Fontaine's St. Johns  seat and Amanda Lathlin's seat in The Pas-Kameesak.

The mood in the room Tuesday got a boost when the NDP was projected to win St. Vital, with candidate Jamie Moses projected to defeat incumbent cabinet minister Colleen Mayer. The party had pinned a lot of hopes and resources into Moses being successful after his second stab at the seat. 

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"What we are seeing is positive energy," Nahanni Fontaine said at The Met Tuesday evening. "We have made history tonight."

Moses will make history, along with the Union Station NDP candidate Uzoma Asagwara, as the first black MLAs elected to the Manitoba Legislature, according to CBC News projections. Tory candidate Audrey Gordon is also projected to win in Southdale, bringing the total number of black MLAs elected to three.

I look forward to continuing our important work with Premier Pallister and his team to break down internal trade barriers, drive economic growth, and champion our respective Made-in-Ontario and Made-in-Manitoba environment plans.  

NDP campaign co-chair Bea Bruske also said St. James is projected to swing back to the NDP after being lost to the PCs in 2016. Diljeet Brar is the projected winner in Burrows, a seat previously held by the Manitoba Liberals.

Like Ontario, the people of Manitoba have chosen a government that will continue to make life more affordable, promote the creation of good jobs, and restore fiscal health in a way that protects core public services like health care.

Northern Manitoba has also returned to the NDP fold, with wins projected in Flin Flon, Thompson, Keewatinook and The Pas-Kameesak.

“Congratulations to Premier Brian Pallister on his re-election victory. Tonights decisive result shows that the people of Manitoba are putting their confidence in a government that keeps its promises and puts their interests first.

The party was shocked by losing Keewatinook to the Liberals and Thompson to the PCs in 2016, said Chris Adams, a political scientist at St. Paul's College at the University of Manitoba.

MANITOBA VOTES: Liberals fall below official party status

"We have the centre-left in this campaign fragmented across three parties.… [The] NDP should feel happy about how they came out tonight."

Eleven new New Democrat MLAs were elected Tuesday night, meaning the Opposition party will now have more rookie MLAs than incumbents.

TORONTO — Premier Doug Ford issued the following statement following the provincial election in Manitoba: 

Video: Manitoba Election: Panel says NDPs leader may have helped gain seats

The Opposition NDP went into the 2019 election with 12 seats — two less than they held after the 2016 election. 

They lost St. Boniface to the Manitoba Liberals in a 2018 byelection after former leader Greg Selinger resigned his seat. Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont is projected to hold onto that seat for his party.

The Tories ran their campaign promising further cost-cutting and tax reductions after reducing the provincial sales tax in their first term and trimming annual deficits. But their fiscal restraint and health care reforms had stirred up controversy.

The Maples seat was lost in 2017 after Mohinder Saran was kicked out of the NDP caucus following sexual harassment allegations. 

The NDP lost power after 17 years in government in 2016, when Brian Pallister's PCs won a historic 40-seat majority.

The crowd gathered at the PC HQ for Palliister’s speech chanted “four more years” as he took to the stage. The premier said Manitobans have chosen to move the province forward.

Throughout this year's 29-day election campaign, the NDP focused on health care as its main issue and rarely veered from leader Wab Kinew's message that the NDP would reverse health care changes made under Pallister's government.

The NDP will stay on as official opposition, and both the Liberal and NDP leaders won the seats for their ridings. The Greens were shut out once again in their bid to win a single seat.

Kristin Annable is a member of CBC's investigative unit based in Winnipeg. She can be reached at [email protected]

Pallister also recaptured his seat of Fort Whyte in southwest Winnipeg in the provincial election. Pallister first won the seat in a byelection in 2012 after he became party leader.

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Currently, votes are still being counted throughout the province, but projections are showing that the Progressive Conservatives have defeated the challenging NDP by a landslide, while the Manitoba Liberal Party hangs on to a few seats.

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The Progressive Conservatives cruised to an easy victory Tuesday night, but voter turnout was at an all-time low.

The PC’s are predicted to hold onto 35 seats in the province which is several less than their prior majority. The NDP are predicted to gain several seats.

NDP Leader Wab Kinew wins back Fort Rouge

Speaking to a crowd of supporters at his CanadInns Polo Park election night headquarters, newly re-elected Premier of Manitoba Brian Pallister called the Progressive Conservatives’ victory a step forward for the province.

“Forward to new schools for our children and grandchildren, forward to a stronger economy for all of us and forward to more affordability for families …with lower taxes and more money right on the kitchen tables of Manitoba families.”

Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew said in a speech to supporters that he called his Progressive Conservative opponent Brian Pallister to concede the election, but he still had a positive attitude about the election’s results.

Pallister set an ambitious agenda in his first three-plus years in office, slashing a government deficit that threatened to climb to $1 billion and overhauling Winnipegs hospital system. On July 1, he kept his promise to lower the provincial sales tax by a percentage point. Before calling the election, he also launched a review of the provinces education system.

“I think Manitobans sent a very, very strong message, and the seats that we took back made it very clear that Manitobans want us, the New Democrats, to not only be the conscience of Manitoba, not only to be the opposition of Manitoba, but to be the progressive voice for Manitoba.”

And the jab from Kinew a few minutes ago I called Brian Pallister…it was a local call. #mbpoli

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Progressive Conservatives keep majority government in Manitoba election despite NDP gains

Despite hopes by Green Party supporters that it might be their first-ever win, Green candidate David Nickarz was defeated by the NDP’s Lisa Naylor.

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David Nickarz has given his concession speech after losing the Green Partys main hope to securing their first seat in Manitoba. #globalwpg #mbelxn pic.twitter.com/sPsjxhrEsL

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Manitoba Liberal leader Dougald Lamont was re-elected in St. Boniface, joining fellow Liberals Dr. Jon Gerrard (River Heights) and Cindy Lamoureux (Tyndall Park). However, the Liberals lost official party status, losing a seat in northern Manitoba.

“It’s just great to be re-elected. It’s phenomenal to be a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and to be able to make a contribution,” he said.

“This is 20 years, and this will be the sixth election that I’ve won, so I’m really thankful to the voters in River Heights.”

Promises, promises: The Free Press refresher on where the provincial parties stand on key issues

Graydon was running as an independent candidate in this election, after being expelled from the PC caucus after allegations of sexual harassment. He was defeated in 2019 by PC candidate Josh Guenter.

Just spoke with @PC_Manitoba Joshua Guenter who was elected in Borderlands tonight. At just 25 years old, the newly elected MLA says he wants to focus on affordability for Manitobans

The new riding of Union Station has elected its first MLA – NDP candidate Uzoma Asagwara. It was created from the riding formerly known as Logan.

Speaker Myrna Driedger was re-elected in Roblin for the Progressive Conservatives. A longtime MLA, Driedger was originally elected in a 1998 by-election.

Prior to the election call, Pallister and the Progressive Conservatives held a majority in the Manitoba Legislature, with 38 of the 57 seats to the opposition NDP’s 12.

Tuesday’s election followed a 29-day campaign kicked off Aug. 12 when Pallister triggered an election more than a year ahead of schedule.

Advanced voting numbers for 2019 were up over the previous provincial election, with almost 113,000 voters making their choice before Election Day, according to Elections Manitoba.

Approximately 112,983 Manitobans cast their ballots during the eight days of advance voting for the 2019 provincial election. This compares to approximately 110,000 votes cast during advance voting in the 2016 election.