Mumps outbreak looms over St. Patrick’s Day festivities

People born after 1970 should make sure they have received two doses of the mumps vaccine, the city advises, warning that people born between 1970 and 1992 may have only received one dose. Anyone in that situation should get a booster, the city 

An Ottawa resident has had mumps in recent weeks, Ottawa Public Health confirmed Thursday. It released no further details about the case, citing privacy concerns. But compared to some communities across Canada and the U.S., which have faced growing
After news hit about more and more cases of the mumps being confirmed in Toronto, some people were probably expecting to hear about Mississauga cases at some point. Now, it looks like the disease has made its way here. According to a recent CBC News

Avoid the mumps on spring break

With spring break coming up, Toronto Public Health advises those travelling to make sure all immunizations are up to date. Last week Toronto Public Health recorded 31 cases of mumps on Toronto. Most cases appeared among people age 18 to 35. Studies

Public health officials say people should check their vaccination records, watch for symptoms and avoid sharing drinks. Tweet. A. A. Report an Error. With packed gatherings expected around the …

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