April Ice Storm freezes city

April Ice Storm freezes city
Toronto airport shut down as ice storm hammers Southern Ontario for second day in a row
Sunday, April 15, 2018, 9:56 PM – A powerful Colorado low delivered strong winds, ice pellets, freezing rain and heavy rain across southern Ontario this past weekend, leaving tens of thousands without power. At the height of the storm on Sunday, nearly 47,000 Hydro One customers were without power. Meanwhile, the Ontario Provincial Police responded to about 1,200 collisions across the Greater Toronto Area, according to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt.

Torontos Pearson International Airport urged passengers to check the status of their flights and to arrive early. Over 300 flights were cancelled, with Sundays deteriorating conditions leading to many delays and cancellations at Billy Bishop Airport.

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At least one man was sent to hospital with serious injuries on Saturday after a large commercial sign mounted to the ground crashed down on top of him in downtown Hamilton, the CBC reports. An investigation was underway, police told the news agency.

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Freezing rain warning

As we look ahead, localized flooding is a major concern with this storm as some areas could see up to 60 mm of rain through Monday. Water continues to inundate several places along the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said they would be storing subway trains in tunnels overnight to ensure that doors are not frozen for the start of service on Monday morning. Storm trains would be deployed throughout the night in open cut areas, spraying glycol on the third rail to keep it from freezing.

Jackknife transport truck into the ditch #hwy427 SB North of Finch Ave lanes blocked. #ONStorm #DriveSafe #TrafficAlert #trucks #collision #Hwy401 #onstorm #trucking #Toronto #freezingrain pic.twitter.com/jTcNheBFK7

The #icestorm2018 howls through Toronto this weekend. #torontoweather, #icestorm pic.twitter.com/R5cVGLpWQx

Video: Burlington and Hamilton hit hard by ice storm

#Icestorm damage five doors down from us on Victoria Street. Neighbours are OK; car, not so much. #LondonON #icestorm2018 pic.twitter.com/kAg5u1PMFp

On Church St. in #StoneyCreek tonight @alectranews was on scene to deal with power issues following the flooding. Check out the wild waves at the end of this video. Wow. @CHCHNews pic.twitter.com/BzLOqEN8lk

Measured 10 cm of ice pellets around 1 PM Kitchener Stanley Park. I hacked through this ice pellet concrete layer 10 times on my front lawn to ensure measurement was representative. #onstorm #onwx pic.twitter.com/7wK5XnAcAv

Toronto’s downtown Billy Bishop airport cancelled all departing flights and only received one arrival all day on Sunday, while more than 600 flights were cancelled at Pearson International Airport.

Did you see this video… friend sent it to me #onstorm car into the house. #TORONTO pic.twitter.com/cEvfqeFvhL

Ice build-up combined with wind gusts of up to 90 km/h were responsible for a number of fallen trees and broken limbs which took down power lines and caused power outages across the city of Toronto.

History repeats itself.  My son and I today, Dad and me 35 years ago to the day.  #kare11weather pic.twitter.com/bxkoDQU914

Photos out of #Erieau this morning are incredible. Both Lake Erie & #Rondeau Bay are flooding into the village. All this heavy rain is only making it worse. Ive never seen it like this before. Bonus points to the kids fishing in their front yard! #ckont #ONStorm pic.twitter.com/3aTT3IMHjV

Hamilton city officials say their main priority right now is clearing roads, so that when the rain comes tonight, road flooding is minimal. They are reminding Hamiltonians to make sure sewers and catch basins around your home are clear.

Freezing rain warning to make for a slippery Monday commute in Montreal

Storm stretches from northern Ontario all the way down to the Yucatan peninsula. About 3400 km OR more than HALF of Earth's radius (6371 km). #ONstorm #IceStorm2018 pic.twitter.com/jzbus95Yrj

Yesterday, when winds were gusting to 100 km an hour a 58 year old Hamilton man was struck by a sign. He was taken to hospital fighting for his life, today police say he is in stable condition.

Video: Freezing rain causes crashes, cancellations around Toronto

Sunday, April 15, 2018, 6:08 PM – On top of the wintry precipitation residents in southern Ontario were slammed with this past weekend, forecasters are now watching for the risk of severe flooding in parts of the region as heavy rain is expected through Monday. Areas along the shores of Lake Erie have already been inundated with water, including Windsor-Essex and the village of Erieau. Officials are warning drivers to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary as heavy rain has already washed out roads.

Michiganders capture images and video of flooding, ice storm

Photos out of #Erieau this morning are incredible. Both Lake Erie & #Rondeau Bay are flooding into the village. All this heavy rain is only making it worse. Ive never seen it like this before. Bonus points to the kids fishing in their front yard! #ckont #ONStorm pic.twitter.com/3aTT3IMHjV

There were over 700 crashes on provincial highways by this 4 this afternoon. With approximately 550 other collisions yesterday.

Ice pellets and freezing rain hammer southern Ontario for second day in a row

A flood warning has been issued on behalf of the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) and will remain in place until 9 a.m. Monday.

Even though there have been weather related crashes, the collision reporting centre in downtown Hamilton was empty.

In addition to the threat for flooding, officials are also warning of the possibility for shoreline erosion and damaging waves along portions of the Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair shorelines.

“The potential areas most significantly impacted along the Lake Erie shoreline are the southeast shoreline of the Municipality of Leamington between Wheatley Harbour and the tip Point Pelee and the north and east sides of Pelee Island,” a ERCA news release issued Friday reads. “The potential areas most significantly impacted along the shoreline of Lake St. Clair are the western portions of the Town of Lakeshore, the Town of Tecumseh and the eastern portions of the City of Windsor.”

City officials say crews have been working around the clock to clear roads.
Toronto airport shut down as ice storm hammers Southern Ontario for second day in a row
Toronto airport shut down as ice storm hammers Southern Ontario for second day in a row

There are reports from residents living in the Kingsville area that the Ontario Provincial Police have closed access to Cedar Island, and have started a voluntary evacuation.

Icy problems abate; get ready for deluge

Police have shut down access to Cedar Island and started a voluntary evacuation. pic.twitter.com/K4enJ8n3pN

Lake Ontario water levels are also rising, with some residents reporting homes have been evacuated in Stoney Creek as water continues to spill over the break wall.

Environment Canada has issued a gale warning for both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, with waves between 3-5 metres expected into Monday. Rainfall and wind warnings also stretch across southern Ontario. 

Freezing rain warning
Freezing rain warning

Weekend ice storm morning aftermath

Nasty along the shores of Lake Ontario in Etobicoke Ive been out in some pretty nasty weather to catch and share natures wrathToday was one of the worst yet pic.twitter.com/64EJLhgVDu

Rainfall warnings are in place across Southern Ontario. Heres how you can prevent flooding today ! #Toronto #Hamilton #Mississauga #Onstorm @weathernetwork pic.twitter.com/B0ESLVhqnx

“Billy Bishop airport has reported easterly wind gusts up to 95 km/h and winds of this magnitude are expected to persist periodically through the evening hours,” the weather agency said in a wind warning for Toronto Sunday evening. 

For a look at road conditions in southern Ontario and a full list of road closures, see 511 Ontarios interactive map.

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