Cosplayer carrying replica rifle escorted off TTC streetcar by police

Cosplayer carrying replica rifle escorted off TTC streetcar by police
Man carrying replica gun while going to Fan Expo arrested on Toronto streetcar
A cosplayer caused a bit of a fright on Friday afternoon in Toronto when he was spotted carrying, what appeared to be, a semi-automatic rifle on the TTC.

Police said they received a number of phone calls about a man with a gun on the 501 streetcar going eastbound on Queen Street.

One person posted to Twitter that the man was seen wearing a long coat, metal armour and was carrying, what appeared to be, a semi-automatic weapon in grocery bag. The tweet has since been deleted.

Officials in Toronto are warning cosplayers to leave their replica weapons at home if theyre taking public transit to Fan Expo this weekend.

It was later determined that the rifle was a replica and that the man was dressed up, on his way to Fan Expo Canada.

The TTC advises anyone travelling on the TTC to Fan Expo or anywhere else to leave their replica weapons in their replica armouries, said TTC spokesperson Brad Ross.

It was later determined that the rifle was a replica and that the man was dressed up and on his way to Fan Expo.

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I have a boat. On that boat, I am required to have an emergency signal device. The most common is a flare gun (made of plastic and fires a 12 ga. flare) which can kill at close range.

So, I go to the boating store, buy a new one to replace my outdated one, hop on the TTC with my purchase in a bag, but someone sees inside the bag and freaks out, calls the constabulary, and I’m SWATed for my purchase?

I understand WHY this happens, but it’s a sad commentary on today’s society. You see, I’m scared of even making this comment for fear of someone coming to see if I am a [word changed from “t…” to “bad guy”] or just a boater.

@3.162277660168379: It’s not really a commentary on today’s society, but rather a simple case of foolishness by the cosplayer. If you carried a rifle-like weapon on a bus, especially if you’re dressed up odd, there’s a good chance that someone’s going to get nervous. If the last picture in the article is accurate, it’s VERY easy for ANYONE to mistaken that for an AR-15 or equivelent.

I’m an airsofter, and WHENEVER I transport them to an airsoft field, I will ALWAYS carry them in a locked gun case. If I were to carry a modern-style rifle as a prop for Fan Expo, I would likewise bring it in a gun case until I reached the property. Finally, I will note that I went to Anime North one year, and I painted a NERF rifle to look like something similar to the Mass Effect universe. In order to ensure that it was not mistaken as a real gun, I intentionally left both the magazine, and the front of the barrel, orange, as per U.S. replica firearm regulations. (Canada doesn’t use these, but it’s a good idea)

“Live firearms including airsoft, modern, hunting or historic, either functioning or de-commissioned, are not permitted at any FAN EXPO HQ event. Replica firearms made from metal, solid resin/plastic/rubber are not to be brought onto convention grounds. All other firearms/projectile weapons are required to have orange safety tips at all times on convention grounds, however they can be removable for photography or competition purposes as long as they are re-attached when moving around the convention.”

“No props or weapons capable of firing any projectile or powder charge of any kind. This is for the safety of both yourself and the people around you. Nerf guns and other foam dart guns ARE allowed, but they must not have any foam darts loaded at any time.”

“Bows and slingshots are allowed, however, they must be de-strung. There must be no capacity to fire any object from the bow or slingshot. Arrows and other items used in bows or slingshots are prohibited.”

“FAN EXPO HQ does not allow ANY laser pointers to be used on the convention grounds. If you have a laser pointer in your prop or weapon, make sure it cannot function by either removing the batteries, or simply not bringing it.”

“If firearm or projectile props or weapons are deemed unacceptable by FAN EXPO HQ security, attendees will be asked to check it with security while they are on the convention grounds. Refusal to do so will result in being banned from the event without refund and local authorities being contacted.”

If the image is correct, the cosplayer also would be breaking Fan Expo policies by bringing that without an orange tip, and ESPECIALLY if it’s metal, airsoft, or whatnot.

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A man who was heading to Fan-Expo in his cosplay costume was arrested after he brought a replica gun onto a Toronto streetcar, police say.

A police spokesperson told Global News they received a call at 11:34 p.m. for a person with a gun on the Queen Street streetcar near Augusta Avenue.

“Officers arrived on scene and entered the streetcar. They arrested a man without incident,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said the man was subsequently let go and did not face any charges once officers realized the gun was fake.

“We want people to have fun but they also need to understand — if you’re carrying around a replica semi-automatic weapon, it’s going to cause concern,” Ross said. “Not everybody knows about Fan Expo.”

Fan Expo is an entertainment convention that centres around fandom surrounding comic books, science fiction/fantasy and other popular culture elements. It’s the largest of its kind in Canada.