Edmonton turns to ‘goatscaping’ to help manage noxious weeds

Goats have the unflattering reputation that they will eat just about anything, a truism the city hopes will help solve its dandelion problem. Two years after banning the use of herbicides in parks, the city is ready to turn to "goatscaping" as part of

goat weed control A herd of goats munch on grass and weeds at Confluence Park in Calgary, Alta., Tuesday, June 21, 2016, as part of a pilot project to help control invasive weeds.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh. Article

Edmonton to bring goats to park this summer as part of weed-killing project

Goats are pictured in Calgary at Confluence Park where in 2016, the city initiated a weed-grazing pilot to see how effective the grass eaters were at curbing invasive plants. - Helen Pike / Metro. Jeannette Hall. Shepherd Jeannette Hall pictured at …

EDMONTON – A new form of natural weed control is coming to Edmonton – and it has four legs. Jeanette Hall, owner of Baah'd Plant Management, is signing a contract this week with the City of Edmonton to have her goats munch away in Rundle Park

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