Statement by the Prime Minister on World Environment Day

Statement by the Prime Minister on World Environment Day
EDITORIAL - Connecting people to nature
“Today, we join the global community to celebrate World Environment Day – an opportunity to connect with nature and to recommit ourselves to build a cleaner, more sustainable world for generations to come. This year, Canada will host the official

If you've visited Google on Monday, chances are that you have stumbled upon the Google doodle. A tree grows from the l in Google in an alteration of Google's symbol. If you click on the all-green Google symbol, you are taken to a page that says

05/06/2017Cameroon has joined the international community this Monday 5th June 2017 to commemorate the 45th World Environment Day. Photo de: 45th World Environment Day: Stakeholders rethink strategies. This year's event was observed under the

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New York, June 5 (Just Earth News): With the theme of this year's World Environment Day – 'Connecting People to Nature' – aimed at highlighting the well-documented physical and mental health benefits of being in nature, the United Nations is on Monday
There's no going back to simpler times, but our survival depends on respecting our place in nature. By Dr. David Suzuki / AlterNet. June 5, 2017, 11:45 PM GMT. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Google+ Share to More

(ENVIRONMENT/GO GREEN) June 5 is World Environment Day, a day dedicated to making our Earth a greener place. Much like Earth Day, each year World Environment Day celebrates a different theme aimed at environmental betterment. This year the

NAIROBI, June 5 (Xinhua) — Thousands of people across the globe will take part in activities that strengthen their bond with the natural habitat during this year's world environment day to be observed on Monday, UN Environment said in a statement … . While handheld devices seem to rarely leave our hands, it's important to remember that nature is also at our fingertips. (Courtesy Peter Alexander). By Debbie Raphael on June 5, 2017 1:00 am. Facebook · twitter · google_plus · mail · Facebook · twitter. In his message on the World Environment Day, he said, "World Environment Day is the right time to reaffirm our commitment to protecting our environment and nurturing a better planet." The Prime Minister saluted the will and determination of all those. About 300 students of the Indian High School dedicated one full day to the commemoration of the World Environment Day on June 5. Since the students were to have exams during the day itself, May 27th was the day planned for 'Connecting people to nature'

On the occasion of World Environment Day (5 June), it would be useful to underline that Mahatma Gandhi's concept of non-violence can be extended from its political and social implications to the concept of conservation of nature against the invasion of

Bhubaneswar, June 5:City hosted a plethora of events Monday to observe the World Environment Day. 'Connecting people to nature' is the theme for this year. Around 217 green crusaders were awarded for their contributions towards the protection of

PM Modi exhorts world to nurture a better planet

The World Environment Day was observed on Monday, globally, including Pakistan with the theme “Connecting to Nature”, aiming to preserve the nature. All international and national organizations and institutions working on environment have warned time. New Delhi, June 5 On the World environment Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today pitched for efforts to save the nature for the future generations as he noted that the entire world is looking towards India in this regard. He said the climate change …
EDITORIAL - Connecting people to nature
EDITORIAL - Connecting people to nature

… . World Environment Day, which is observed on June 5 every year, is all about taking action and getting yourself involved physically to do something to help preserve nature and ecosystems. On this day, the United Nations encourages each one of us to take. World Environment Day is the United Nations' most important day for encouraging awareness and action to protect the environment. It falls on June 5 every year, and to mark the occasion, Google has turned its logo green with a new Doodle. Since it was

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