Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard poised to reopen constitutional debate

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard poised to reopen constitutional debate
Quebec and the constitution: A timeline of dead ends
Politicians in Quebec and across the country are watching and waiting to see exactly what Premier Philippe Couillard has in mind as he appears poised to plunge the province, and the country, into renewed debate about signing the 1982 Constitution.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard argues Canada's 150th anniversary as a nation is a good time to revisit the Constitution. PM Trudeau doesn't agree. Phil Carpenter / Montreal Gazette. QUEBEC — Prime Minister Justin

Premier Couillard calls for Quebecers to fully join Canadian federation

Trudeau says no interest in Quebec's attempt to reopen Constitution

As Premier Philippe Couillard kicks off a renewed discussion about Quebec signing on to the 1982 Constitution, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants no part of it. "You know my views on the Constitution," Trudeau told reporters in French on Thursday …

OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau is throwing cold water on the Quebec government's plan to reopen the constitutional debate. Advertisement. The prime minister is responding to a Canadian Press report that Quebec is embarking on a broad national discussion in

Premier Philippe Couillard has long wished for Quebec to sign the Constitution and truly be a part of the Canadian federation. On Thursday he unveiled his plan to reopen the constitutional debate by launching a coast-to-coast discussion in the hopes of. Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard called on the prime minister to read his plan on eventually launching new constitutional talks before closing the door on the matter. Speaking at the provincial legislature, Couillard said Thursday the plan is to reach …

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard wants to reopen the constitutional debate. Here's a timeline of previous attempts. 1976. Parti Québécois wins provincial election under René Lévesque on promise to hold a referendum on “sovereignty-association”. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has quickly shot down Quebec's attempts to launch a new round of constitutional talks that would see the province officially sign on to Canada's foundational document. “You know my views on the Constitution, we are not

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